Archangel Michael: Accelerated Time of Manifestation

archangel michael eraoflightDear Creator Beings,

NEVER have you EVER been this Creative. Your words and actions are flowing out from YOU, and radiating back at a rapid rate.

Manifestation is instant, so take advisement to be Creative with your WORDS, use only the vocabulary you want made manifest.

Your thoughts, words and actions are rapidly flowing into your reality.

This is an accelerated time of Manifestation in ALL areas of your life.

The Creative Beings that you are allows the consciousness of the ALL THAT IS to flow toward you.

YOU as Christed Beings are returning unto yourselves, your wholeness. It is the time of year when you celebrate the Birth of the Christ – now it is YOU who are birthing the CHRIST THAT YOU ARE.

It has been prophesied for eons that “CHRIST WILL COME AGAIN” and here YOU ARE.

Each and everyone of YOU hold a piece of the Christ Consciousness and at this time of the Birth of the New Earth and the new HU-MAN you are asked to return your CHRISTED SELF to the WHOLE.

Conscious commitment to the ALL THAT IS to be celebrated at this Birthing time.

Dear Ones, the transition each of you have experienced and continue to do so, is what will bring you to this Christed awareness.

The energies of change and transformation that continue to expand your consciousness and that of the New Earth have taken its toll on your body vehicles. The levels of exhaustion has reached a critical high.

At this time many openings are occurring in the new timelines and dimensions of the ALL THAT IS.


ALL with your absolute agreement.

The next couple weeks, as you close out your 2017 year, much celebrating and rejoicing will take place.

Dear Hearts, the work you do – almost without knowing for many, is treasured and appreciated by ALL who are over-lighting your Galaxy at this moment in time, as we continue to walk each other HOME into the New Earth.

Congratulations Dear Hearts, a well earned rest approaches – and then steadying your energies for the next almighty Transition phase to come.

Welcome Home Dear Conscious Creators.



» Source – Channel: Leslie Anne Menzies

3 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Accelerated Time of Manifestation”

  1. Draco Killer

    Well, i think this “michael” is a charlatan. Because what he says doesn’t fly with the Bible.

    1. Cheri

      Would love to know more of your thoughts on how this does not relate to the bible. I have never been able to relate to the bible or even get through it as it seems way to uninspiring like all the meaning has been edited out and the good parts are missing.

      But it is all coded for sure, and a lot speaks to our DNA. I have found more meaning in some of the missing sections dug out in the dead sea scrolls, transcibed by the essenes and found in the nag hammadi libraries. Also the Popul Vuh and the Upanishads are a great resource for much more indigenous wisdom that seems less bent on religious dogma. But with all things I believe that discernment is the key.

      Too bad we can’t have a philosophical discussion on this, sounds like you have a good understanding of the bible and were able to get some meaning from it.

      Warm Regards