Angel Whisperings: Peace And Good Will

dove of peace eraoflightI was sitting this morning pondering my life experience and wondering if I should try to find a job again so that I can have peace of mind knowing my rent is always going to be paid on time. The truth is even if I wanted ‘a job’ which I don’t because it would make me as miserable as sin, I can’t get one. Not in this country anyway. I live in a 3rd world country where 45 million black people are clamoring for a job. Most jobs are given to ‘previously disadvantaged people’.  No one wants a 56 year old white skinned South African woman. That is to say, no one except God…thank Goodness!!!

So there I was sitting hosting my very own pity party, as my Pleiadian sisters would call it, when I heard the softly spoken words,

“You can have what you want, if you follow Me.”

You see God knows what I want more than anything is to serve Him. I truly love my work, although I don’t see it as ‘work’. It is a joy to be of service, to offer the work I do and to receive so much love and gratitude in return.

“The more you allow Me into your life, the more I can do for you.”

The trick is to get past the ego and the fear of the illusion that there is not enough, that we are limited in some way, shape or form.

I know these things, and God knows I know.

God exists within you whether you know and accept It or not. It is how much you ALLOW this Holy Presence into your life that determines your life experience.

My friend Mary from California was going into the store the other day and came across a homeless man. She asked the man, “Can I get you something?” and to her surprise he said, “I would love a turkey sandwich.” So she got him a turkey sandwich and God’s Will was done.

The absolute best thing about being in alignment with the Will of God is the blessed FEELING this action affords you. There is no feeling like it. It quite supersedes all else. It brings peace in the Heart, a sense of Good Will and an overwhelming sense of belonging, not to mention the gooey feeling of love that just oozes out from within you. All of Heaven rejoices at even the smallest act of kindness! And WE, you and I, are the benefactors!

You see, the Throat Chakra, that precious energy center, is governed by the First Ray of the Will of God, which is also the Blue Ray. And when you think, speak and act out of love, you are using that energy center in the way in which God intended it to be used. When you use it to blame, judge, complain etc., you misuse it and create discord in your life experience. And so God’s Will cannot be done.  Needless to say, the throat chakra is the most misused chakra on the Planet today.

People are fond of saying, God will provide. That can also be read as “Gods Will provides.”

Yes it does. But who do you think God is?

You are, all of you, instruments of God. YE ARE GODS! You act out of His Will when you speak His words, and think His thoughts, act in His Way. The more you follow your Heart, the more you become an embodiment of your Divine and Holy Self – your divinity. This is what it means to embody The Way of The Christ on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Today is the Eve of Christmas, the 24th of December. It doesn’t matter if our Beloved Jeshua was born tomorrow or not. That is of no consequence. What does matter is whether you strive to embody HIS WAY of Life, the Life that He came to demonstrate to us over 2000 years ago.

The First Ray of the Will of God is the fastest way to achieve Mastery and freedom over your life, both in the physical and spiritual.

So, think before you think… yes I know it takes some practice. Don’t let your ego host any self-pity parties for you! Think before your ego thinks, speaks, and acts. And then act in accordance with what will bring you the most joy, peace and happiness on this blessed Earth.

We wish you all a blessed and peaceful Holy day.

With all our Love,



» Source – Channel: Deborah Faith