Heavenletters: God’s Eternal Message

heavenlettersGloria to God:

Dear Almighty Father, what would You like to tell me this morning?


What is on your mind?


Well, I seem to be bombing out in terms of the relative. I had a raw food lunch at Ginnie’s today, and I was not happy. Food was divine. Ginnie is great. Most of the people were lovely. Someone was there who is going to have a stem cell transplant. She was also wonderful, and I assure you my heart is with her. But someone else who came in later had to dwell on it, talk about someone else who also has cancer, and someone else, and about chemo and taking meals over. This person oozed about helping the patients and oozed about Gunga-ji. No offense to Gunga-ji, but I don’t want to hear what she has to say every minute. I asked this person about something else; she answered briefly and dismissed me.

Then, when I was at the door leaving, and a mile away from the table, this person called out: “I just never see you anymore. You didn’t like the topic of our discussion, did you?” I said it wasn’t my favorite topic. Then she said to me, calling out across the room, “Well, we all have to die sometime.” I said, “Not that way.”

I am annoyed at this woman’s taking over, her controlling everything, a queen holding court, her table manners, and her social worker mentality. Here I am, faultfinding. I am better off to stay away.

Tuesday I’m seeing Margaret who is only uplifting and inspiring. Nancy emailed me much encouragement. Mary Alice called me yesterday from Kansas City to express how happy she was with her session with Karen. I see Bran, the spiritual healer, today, and that’s a lift. I hope he really did intend my paying less.

If I were living up to A Course in Miracles, I would have uplifted the person I was annoyed with.


Yes, put your attention where you want it to be. If you do not have joy there, you don’t have to go. But if you go, spread joy.


Thank You. I pray to You, Almighty Father, that I see with Christ’s eyes, once and for all. I’m tired of my faultfinding. I want to see beyond appearances. I want to serve You. I want to be out of the pettiness I project around me. Please help me. I feel I can’t stand my negativity much longer.


It is good you understand that your negativity is your negativity, and you take responsibility for it. And you will remove it. You will just blow it away lightly, as you might blow a bit of dust from your hand. Flick it away. It isn’t much, this negativity. It is an old possession of the mind. It’s a pile of old rags that you no longer want but haven’t brought yourself to part with. Maybe you’ll need them some day. Maybe they keep you from knowing yourself. What deep dark secret is there but Christ?

What if you did see with Christ’s vision? Do you think you would be lost? You would be found, and this you fear. You lack understanding of what lost and found are. I think you have them mixed up.

You are not your negativity. You are not old memories and a summation of them. You are not your hurts and wrongs, to and from.

You are simply My child, My pure child, who had a bad dream about this one and that one and this knife in your heart and that one, and you fear to remove the knife lest you bleed to death, or drown in joy, Gloria.

You will not drown and you will not be lost. You will float in My arms and sail to Truth.

Let go these tiny shreds that hold you to past sufferings. They are past. They are not now. Now you are with Me, conversing with Me, knowing Me, loving Me, engaging Me.

Walk away from staleness. Enter life with Me at your side, ever for you, ever willing you forward without your giving a backward glance at old footprints.


Dear God, You want me to love my fellowman, and that is what I fail in. The one thing you want, I don’t do.


Love from afar, if you have to, Gloria. Put your attention on loving Me. That is easier for you. Love Me, and all else will follow.

You cannot force love for your fellowman. Love is freedom. It is not falsity or pretense. It is a light-allowing and light-giving. No sacrifice. Love does not squeeze you into something you are not. Sacrifice does that; it squeezes you into a tube when you are boundless.

Take your thoughts of that woman who was annoying, and put some of My light around her, and see how much better you feel. Wrap her with My light, and your thoughts disband by themselves. Wrap her with My light, and let her recede from your awareness.

That’s all there is to it, dear one. That is Christ’s vision. Not an effort of will, no. A silent blessing of My love. There doesn’t have to be your love.

You do not have to love, adore, dote on everyone — or anyone.

Simply give My love, when you think of it, and think of it often.

Also, remember to prepare your way beforehand. Remember My wand of white light that Karen showed you. Send it before you as well as after.

My blessings on you, My love, My heart, My sweet.


Dear Heavenly Father, I saw Bran, the healer, today. How can his touching a shoulder and the top of my head give so much bliss! Also I came home to a message from Karen. She had taken Lonnie to a White Room, and then Karen got my letter in the mail which included Your message to me about The White Renewal Room. Karen said it confirmed her experience. I thought The White Renewal Room was figurative! So those were two very nice things.

Bran is going to come to supper Monday night. He can’t come on Saturday or Sunday for lunch. Nights are hard for me, but I’ll do it. Sweet man.

What would You like to tell me, dear God?


What is My constant message? “I am here. I am here.” And so are you, dear child. All of My children are here with Me, warm in My heart. A heart has no limits. Room for more. No end to love. Stream of love flows in and out. One heart captures another. Hearts meet in Me. They swim in Me. All love comes to Me, and all love comes from Me.

By the Grace of God is love. By the Grace of God is you, is life, is the world, a day, the sky, the moon. By the Grace of God are colors and sounds and tastes and touch and the scent of bread baking. By the Grace of God are arms and legs to move and eyes to see My handiwork. By the Grace of God is laughter and tears. By the Grace of God, trees have leaves and vines bear fruit; rain falls, and sun comes out. And at night, little stars, like heartbeats in the midnight blue sky, say, “God is here. God is here.”

By the Grace of God is speech and written words and dear animals and their speech and touch.

By the Grace of God is a child and a mother and father and families and knowledge passed on.

By the Grace of God is growth and wisdom and experience of life.

By the Grace of God are beginnings and endings of waves, and another one.

By the Grace of God are individuals, not one the same and yet none different.

By the Grace of God are dry and wet, stone and sand, forests and fields.

By the Grace of God are pollywogs and elephants and ducklings to waddle across a page.

And tails to wag and barks to bark.

And contentment. And discontentment.

Novels to read and to write, stories to tell. And telephone books with everyone’s number.

And sidewalks and streets.

And friends and strangers, corners and straight, circles and ovals.

All are tender in My heart and yours.

Tell Me, what is there not to be thankful for?

It is a perfect creation, perfect in its imperfections and anomalies, perfect in its incongruity, perfect in its sense and nonsense.

But the most perfect are the children of My creation, the tools at the end of My fingers who do My work and fulfill My dream.


Dear Father, is there something more You would like to say to Me? I think there is.






Put your attention on what is joy for you. Doing that one thing alone will allow more happiness to come to you. What gives you joy, Gloria?

You, spirituality
A good movie
Words, books
Good food
Houses, decorating
My daughter’s good fortune


These are the things for you to think about and do with. What is not on your list stays outside your mind. I am teaching you how to live life on earth.


Dear Heavenly Father, you are so good on every level. The down-to-earth practical life and the uplifting spiritual. You know the hows and why and whats, and you have Your great magnificence.


As you have yours. What I have, you have. All My attributes, you have.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff