More Christed Light

sunny day eraoflightDear Friends,
here we are already in the last week of this amazingly creative year 2017 , celebrating Christmas Day in many countries of the world. Over the period of this year, we truly have been challenged to step up and learn about the wisdom of divine manifestation. If they are visible to the collective right now or not, trust that the changes we all have made to reach higher levels of living the Golden Age of Aquarius, will multiply in the upcoming year of the numerological master number 11 – which will be filled with even more power for divinely guided creations. To have the capacity of holding the incoming light, it helps working with the energy field of the Ascended Master Realms.

The Ascended Master for humaneness Lord Confucius:
During his studies of the ancient books, Confucius developed high abilities to read the pattern of the divine blueprint for humanity, and to translate this imprints in explanations for authentic divine living. He was a big believer in teaching by example, and had deep faith in a humanity guided by the higher self – manifested thru authentic action.

Here a message from the master, that we find in the I Ching – The Book of Change:
Cultured people have new thoughts.
When they look, they think of clarity.
When they look, they think of accuracy.
In their behavior, they think of civility.

When they speak, they think of the truth.
In their work, they think of seriousness.
If they doubt, they remember to ask the right questions.
If they are furious, they think of the difficulties that can arise.

If they receive wages, they think of justice.
Cultured people have no fear or unrest.
When they look inward and see no fault,
what should they be afraid of?

Another Master who especially around the time of Christmas is very present and I love working with, is the Ascended Master Lord Maitreya, who is known by many names. Some call him the Coming Buddha, others are aware of him as the Cosmic Christ, for some he is representing a Planetary Buddha and for some he is simply the expected Master Teacher for the Golden Age of Aquarius and the Twin Flame Fire.
He is the manifested healed healer – who does keep cultivating the balance between all forces from within, so his impact as helper can keep growing. He is the golden manifestation of the Christ energy barrier, liberated from suffering and pain, consciously choosing to be of service for humanity.

From the source of Light, the Mind of Divinity,
let light stream down into the minds of humanity,
let it be light on Earth.

From the source of Love, the Heart of Divinity,
let love stream down into the hearts of humanity,
may the Christ Light return to Earth.

From the source of all, the Will of Divinity,
let purpose guide the small minded wills of humanity,
to the same purpose, that the Masters knowingly serve.

From the source, which we call human kind,
let the plan of unconditional love and inner light unfold,
and may it seal the doors to where evil dwells.

May Light, Unconditional Love and the Divine Powers,
restore the Divine Plan on Planet Earth!!!

Dear Ones, I hope you are filled with hope for a golden outcome of this years collective and personal work right now. Trust that the higher vibrating thoughts and actions you have brought into manifestation this year, will keep bringing rich harvest for you and all beings with you on the journey. Get in touch with the divine sources of the powerful I AM light, that are collectively guiding us at this time of the year, and keep focusing on the Golden Age of Aquarius for planet earth.
Love and Blessings!


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