Here to Serve

Greetings everyone! First I wish to thank you for your support in any and every form, it is always appreciated. I do this every now and then, I ask you the readers for feedback, so here I am. Are we missing anything on our page? If there is something you wish to see more of, send us an email. Do you have something that you wish to share, email it to us and we’ll be sure to post it on the blog. You can also go to the forum and post it there. We also accept articles from readers, do you think it is worth sharing, please send it to us. Any other changes to wish to see, any ideas to contribute to the page, let us know. I am here to serve, with humbleness and joy, for everyone. – KejRaj!

4 Replies to “Here to Serve”

  1. Hans Arild Andersen

    I and many, thank you for your good dedication and work. It uses/benefits and links multiple sources and writes pages into a common space for many of us.
    With blessings and thanks and wishes for a happy New Year 2018
    Hans A Andersen, Norway

  2. Judith lee

    I really like your site, except for all the right wing extremist political stuff (4chan, A. Jones, ranting, etc) It is distracting and highly negative, and most is easily shown to be false. It is unnecessary on a positive site like this. The rest of the postings are very positive. Please consider dropping this content. Extremists and conspiracy folks can readily find this type of content on multiple websites if they want it, without dragging the rest of us into lower bibrations. Thank you.

  3. We Signed Up For This

    Your site has so much content with reader forum and comments sections.

    Your words are uplifting and your very authentic.

    You have an amazing site.

    Thank You for your evolving site.

    Much abundance and fulfillment and blessings on your exchange appointment and much love and light all prosperous year long.