The Elohim: Energy Reset

elohim beingsSitting in the Sacred I AM Presence I connect with my Higher Self, Mother Sekhmet-Durga, with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I connect with the Council of Elohim within the Chambers of The Great Central Sun – The God Star Sirus A. They have imparted the following message of Love and Healing to you all:

We come forth this day with great joy to bring forth our message of love joy hope and healing to all galactical nations for each and every one are loved and cherished.

We are of the Federations, Confederations and Alliances of Free Worlds. Every life form in this Universe is represented here, either as an invited member who has become enlightened enough to play an active role, or as an observed member, like Earth, a species who is carefully overseen in the process of its evolution.

We bring forth the Divine Energy from the Blue Lodge and the White Lodge upon the Great Central Sun, The God Star Sirius A.

We bring forth great energies in this moment within this temple. We come to you as the Elohim Councils of God.

In the consciousness that we all are together in the Essence of Beingness and bringing forth an aspect of frequency that is now totally opening up upon the earth plane. It is not a new frequency but it is a frequency of remembrance of the Lemurian times when we were embodied all together. What is within each of your hearts that will fully assist you in the remembrance that each of you are. This is truly our gift onto each of you this evening.

We have received the Clarion Call upon which each and every one of you desire the shift of poverty consciousness from within your hearts and souls, and this shift truly starts with you.

We are working upon the many nations at this time to address and re-address and to shift in order that we can heal humanity, in order that the Energy Reset can bring forth abundance and prosperity to humankind.

We sow the seeds of thoughts of peace and harmony with the leaders upon your Earth and we delight in the Ascension Process of many countries at this time. There are however some Countries upon your Earth that are in need of assistance and are of concern.

In this now… we send forth healing, and we ask you to send forth healing. Many of our Masters and Emissaries of Light have been working with the Templates upon your Earth in this now, and have been preparing the Leylines, Vortices, Sacred Sites and Grids both pre 2012 and post 2012.

There is much work to be carried out to assist humanity upon your Earth. We have heard the cries of our children. Many still face poverty, homelessness, disaster, conflict, warfare and disease.

Many will ask what are we doing about it? Well we raise the frequency and consciousness of your Earth and in doing this we send those thoughts of peace of love and harmony. We ask that mankind listen… to go within to connect and to listen…

We now speak of the frequencies that are taking place upon your Earth at this time….

There are many levels of frequency that are occurring within your planet at this time and we truly want to assist you only to receive the Divine Essence of the frequency that is being guided through the source of oneness.

It is a process of continuing in each moment, from moving to moment to moment, from allowing yourselves those moments of frequency that are necessary for you to fully grasp what it is that is occurring for you. There is a process of elimination that needs to be done so that the frequencies that you bring forth within you are always of the highest quality. So we ask each of you to fully impart within yourselves the ability to be an active participant, allowing your physical body to be an active participant through the mental level, and the thought processes, and the intuitive sense. But stop it there. What your body is meant to do is to feel it first, is to accept it, and then the higher process of your Higher Self can fully come in and intuit onto you the ability to feel these frequencies in a much higher level than you ever have previously.

You ask of us in this moment, what does this mean? What is it that you are trying to explain?

We say to you that within these frequencies of transmission, sometimes there can be discordant energies that try to interfere as you are accelerating yourself beyond the levels of planetary communication, you must pass through many doorways of the frequencies as we move through the Solar, then the Galactic, the Universal, the Multi-Universal and the Cosmic. That’s a lot of doorways, because within those doorways are many levels of dimensions that encompass those frequencies.

As you are fast approaching the year 2018 / 11 upon your Earth- we are opening up even more Star Gates of discovery of knowledge and awareness…

Timelines are shifting and activating for many as they are connecting with the energies and vibrations of the dimensions of light exceeding up to 49th Dimension. Many are now working beyond this vibration connecting with the Cosmic Energy 144th Dimension Frequency – the Ascended Beings that are currently connecting with us at multi-dimensional level are excelling and connecting with this frequency now and are aware of our presence and the transmissions at omniversal level. We have been preparing the Masters that have incarnated here prior to the 2012 Shift that have come forth in agreement in this cycle to assist humanity in shifting consciousness.

Reach within dear Ones for each and everyone have you have come into incarnation carrying the Christ Energy within… Dig Deep Dig Deep within… for within are the doors to a greater knowing…

We are now connecting with your hearts, we are connecting with your Earth… We have never left your planet, we have always connected and worked with your planet, and we work with every other planet, star system and galaxy.

We now bring forth frequencies from The Great Central Sun….

We are in this NOW anchoring these Divine Frequencies to your Earth and to the Omniverse…

Feel the breath of Light we are, through the breath of Life we are, feel the breath of One. As the swirling colors of light swirl around your Earth, we are in free fully frequency allowing the essence of this vibration to permeate through us into the core of Gaia. All that needs to be done is a breath, allowing the breath to be your guide in the frequency of light that you are.

Now let us feel that as in the Temple we are amongst the many souls upon souls upon souls as the frequency of light we have brought forth are all the dimensions, and it is the moment of Unified Oneness of Unity of a completion that We Are.

It is our Divine Pleasure as the Elohim Councils of God to fully incorporate unto you this frequency, it is just a moment of remembrance. You are already there, your physical body does not have the capability to fully activate within, and now is your time to flow this into you at any moment at any given time for you to remove any timelines, or to access future timelines in the frequency of the Now.

Be Blessed dear Ascending Souls of the Light, for we are with you at this hour, connecting with each and everyone of you with grace and ease.

We are The Council of the Elohim (also known as the Etheric Council and the Council of the Four and Twenty Elders) and we speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio