2018 Year of Transformative Mastery

spirit science eraoflightdotcomEnvisioning how the year ahead will take shape is always a challenge, primarily because there are so many influences to consider. The orchestration of an entire year’s unfolding is complex – not to mention each individual soul’s journey being a unique expression in the way it interfaces with the operatic forces of the cosmos.

Still, some major players emerge in the scene and dominate the energy which leads me to view 2018 as the Year of Transformative Mastery.

Wisdom Earned
First, let’s take a look back at Saturn, Lord Karma’s, transit through Sagittarius from December 2014 – December 2017. Saturn makes us work for our rewards and the transit through Sagittarius was one of defining our beliefs: be they beliefs in spirituality, society or humanity. In some way, our world view was challenged and if we rose to that challenge, we’ve gained precious insights on what we believe to be true about the world.

In 2015-2016 I wrote quite a bit about the archetype of the female warrior, specifically Joan of Arc, due to the royal star Antares at 9 Sagittarius being aspected by Mars and Saturn. I remember thinking at the time it probably sounded outlandish that we were being called to prepare for battle in fulfillment of a special dharma, yet now looking back I see how appropriate that signification was. The Sagittarian battle is ultimately one for truth, justice and righteousness.

At the end of 2017 many of us felt battered, bruised and emotionally spent. Yet somehow, when the clock struck Midnight on December 31st, and we turned the page into 2018 it seemed as though our wounds were healed just enough for us to feel a sense of courage and take on our spiritual warriorship. Or maybe we were just grateful to have made it through.

We now know what it feels like to be initiated by fire for spiritual awakening.

:: W I S D O M    E X E R C I S E ::

What were the 3 greatest gems of wisdom you’ve learned over the past 3 years? Reflect on these for a moment and it will access a gold mine of insight.

Then, complete your Soul Vision Statement >>>

I cherish…

I’m creating a world where…

My sacred devotion lies in…

Transformative Mastery
Our task now that Saturn is entering Capricorn is to take those hard won beliefs and turn them into wisdom – wisdom that can be of practical use in the world. Saturn in Capricorn from now through 2020 is where we stand and deliver on those beliefs.

To master Saturn’s lessons, you need commitment, resilience and focus. This could mean saying no to things that aren’t essential to your commitment. The limitations imposed by Saturn aren’t meant to diminish your power – on the contrary, they zero in on areas of weakness in order to make them stronger.

Throughout most of this year we’ll still have the Nodes of Destiny in Leo/Aquarius, an invitation to create something special that serves the good of all. Our creativity is crystallizing into mastery, which may not always feel fun or in the flow when we feel pressured and under the gun. But the satisfaction and pride of a job well done is our potential reward.

Eclipses – the Game Changers
We have some powerful eclipses this year that are often opportunities to release past limitations and move into new spaces of possibility. Arriving as soon as January 31 is the first eclipse – a total supermoon lunar eclipse – followed in two weeks by a solar eclipse in Aquarius, the ripening of last August’s Great American Total Eclipse.

Since ancient times, Eclipses were considered liminal experiences where the past, present and future co-mingle. The energetic alchemy of the period is palpable and the more we can discern their significance the greater our opportunities to experience the magic available to us.

11 Year of Mastery
2018 is an 11 year numerologically (2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11). 11 is a Master Number, representing intuition and perfect balance. This is a year to source our power from within, know that we are the masters of our destiny and trust our intuitive guidance.

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