Trump’s Hurricane On The Swamp! Storm Updates!

donald trumpThe Lord answered all our prayers when he stopped Hillary’s steal of the election and we elected Donald J. Trump! And just as he promised, the swamp draining has begun. Tom Heneghan reports he cannot get full confirmation that the Bushes were taken to GTMO but nobody has seen them! Last known locations of the Bushes were in their roach nest at Kennebunkport Maine. Some people have said they are in GTMO but Tom like myself wants full confirmation on this before we get excited. We’ve seen how slippery these demons are so don’t get excited until we know 100% that the Bushes are going to be put on trial for their treason. Obama, the Bushes and the Clintons must be fully exposed as the criminals they are for America to become free again! The fake news must be 100% destroyed for their support of these monsters.

Tom Heneghan does say there is no doubt Hillary has the military boot on her leg and has been classified as a threat to national security. She’s not going anywhere without everybody knowing about it.

Stew Webb was told by super spy Otis Johnson this past year that the wheels of justice were going to grind down these Bush Clinton scumbags. They killed Otis last year using a satellite weapon to cause him to have a heart attack! He was one of the most brave and respected spies our country has ever seen! He was dropped over Russia and had to take photographs of a facility and then get out by stealing cars and anything else he needed! When Bush Sr had Otis Johnson killed, it was the last straw from what Stew was told. Stew had spies and military men tell him that they were going to get the SOB’s who did this to Otis no matter what the cost!

Stew was also told by Otis that FBI Robert Mueller would be put in jail if he didn’t walk the tightrope and drain the swamp! The white hats are watching Mueller like a hawk! He’s going to help drain this swamp as part of the deal he was given by Trump or he will go to prison for a very long time! He’s been given one chance to do the right thing. I personally don’t trust the Mueller demon but we’ll see what he does over the next couple of months. He’s in a box for sure and now Congress is screaming for documents that were withheld from them! They’ve run out of cards to play and delays aren’t working anymore!

Congress is not going to tolerate the FBI or DOJ not handing over documents any longer! The entire house of cards is about to come crashing down! It’s a glorious time to be an American. I believe the next few months are going to be AWESOME! Remember, pray against the evil every day. Pray ALL their evil is exposed and pray for Donald Trump to have the wisdom and guidance to drain the swamp and destroy his enemies that have looted America for trillions and killed millions in their wars for profit!

The video below does a great job of going through some of the updates from the Q sources.


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