Heavenletters: A Climate of Blessing


Dear God or Holy Mother, what would You like to tell me this morning?

Divine Mother:

I am Divine Mother speaking. Gloria, you are aware of how patiently and lovingly God and I waited for you. Now patience belongs to you.

Patience waits. While it waits, it is named patience because it is meeting God. So patience takes no patience at all. It awaits with God. And in the moment of an hour or day or years, it turns to what it has been waiting for, and it is there. Time does not pass in Eternity. It is no time at all. From now to now, patience held its breath, and when it exhaled, what it waited for appeared.

What do you desire?


I want to be totally free. I want to be with God and you 100%. I want to get past my personal ins and outs. I want to have God’s heart and mind and consistently follow His Will. I want to be what God wants me to be, and I don’t want to waste time. I want to get HEAVEN out and published. I want to know how to organize it.

I want to be a neutral mother for Lauren, to be there but not interfering. I want my attention on the highest, and I want to know and live in Heaven. Am I selfish?

Divine Mother:

When you know what you know, doing God’s Will seems selfish because it is what you want to do. So you want to do what you want to do, just like any child, and that also is what God wills for you. He doesn’t want you to do what you don’t want to do! He sure doesn’t want you to sacrifice. Sacrifice is a taking away, and God does not subtract. He adds to and multiplies.

Be selfish for God.

About wasting time, you have a high purpose. Your heart and time are there.

Doing God’s Will is not a fever, Gloria. It is not teeth-clenching. It is just something you do.

And in whatever you do, you are doing God’s Will. God does not will anxiety for you.

So you watch Godspell today with your friends. You walk your sweet dogs. You eat, you shop, and all the time God and I and Christ and a host of angels are with you, paving your way, strewing flowers of joy and honor before you and blessing all you meet as you do.

For you are a blessed mother. You give God’s blessings through my spirit.


What does that mean, please?

Divine Mother:

You give God’s blessings in a Mother Divine way, softly, gently, almost a setting for blessing, a climate of blessing.

It is as though God plays the note on a flute, and you carry that note everywhere you go. It is God’s note. It has been played. You deliver it as a gift. You do not make the note. You do not play it, but you reveal it. You leave a sign of God’s tune. A flower here and there. A glance, a smile, a word.

Just your passage through the world is a blessing. Gloria does not have to do much. Just walk through the crowd. Her passage is enough.

As you now write, you know that all is for God. I work for God, and you work for God. There is nothing else to do. And we are Godness, so we are only what we are, soaked in God’s love, and spattering it around.

The difference between you and me is that you are in a body, and I am not. Or you can say, I am an essence housed in your body. I am an essence expressed through your life.

No effort. No thought about it. Simply have awareness that I move through you. God wants me to further educate you in Mother Divineship.

So, I have taken you on. I am your tutor. God says He is with you and will continue to speak to you, but He wills that learn the arts of divine femininity.

I am going to teach you how to glow love. I will show you how to be a silent instrument of love and how to permeate that love to the corners of all hearts. A beingness of love. A still ray of love raying out to the world. Holy love.

An issuance of love on earth.


Gloria to Mary:

Mother Mary, what would you like to tell me this evening?

Mother Mary:

I am sitting across from you in your room. I hold your hands in mine. We sit still for a moment to feel our connection…

You feel the strong energy? You feel the stretch of your soul? By stretch I mean how embracing it is, how it extends, how far it reaches?

Your spirit is mine.
This enveloping spreading energy we have.

I just want you to feel it. So light. No pressure. Ever-waveful. Ever-rolling. Everlasting.

We are the energy of the tide ruled by the Moon.

You have felt a softness behind your eyes today, like a more lovingness from your eyes, like your eyes are someone else’s because a different energy sits behind them. Your eyes are easier, more relaxed, more skillful. Your eyes take in, and your eyes give out.

Your eyes sink into love. They sit on a basin of love.

Your eyes are more secure now. They see more for themselves without influence. They see deeper within. They see past veils to the heart’s soul.

Tomorrow you will see more. A layer of your rose has opened.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff