Garlic is Effective Natural Treatment for Yeast Infections

mother earth era of light dot comRaw garlic provides gentle, natural relief for untreated candida yeast infection symptoms and is widely used. One of the world’s superfoods, garlic has exceptional medicinal properties useful for treating a variety of fungal, viral and bacterial infections. Used for centuries by natural healers and herbalists, garlic has helped humans and animals alike. A papyrus scroll from 1500 BC found in Egypt listed 22 recipes for garlic’s use as a medicinal agent, according to the Candida Diet website.

Garlic has a long history of medicinal uses

In addition to being employed for thousands of years to stimulate the immune system and help fight bacterial and fungal infections, garlic is known to lower cholesterol, protect the heart and arteries, reduce blood pressure and possibly prevent cancer. The medicinal qualities of garlic have been the subject of over 1,000 clinical studies according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

How to use garlic for a yeast infection

*Eating raw garlic can boost the system and destroy yeast infections. Garlic cloves should be crushed and allowed to sit for a few minutes to release allicin, garlic’s active ingredient, from its cells. Garlic may be added it to fresh vegetable juice, or crushed and crumbled raw on salads or cooked food. The suggested dose is two cloves of fresh garlic a day to eliminate symptoms of candida infections.

*Garlic supplements in powdered form may also provide relief from candida infection symptoms. Garlic not only protects against fungal infections, it fights free radicals and works as an antioxidant. Powdered supplements may not be as effective for curing yeast infections as raw garlic, but certain garlic brands offer the additional advantage of not having any odor. Health food stores carry several brands of odorless garlic capsules that digest in the small bowel, preventing that typical, lingering “garlicy” odor and taste.

*Consume only powdered garlic capsules, not tablets to treat a vaginal yeast infection. Garlic tablets are manufactured using a heating process that destroys allicin. The suggested dose is a total of 11mg of powdered garlic, taken orally, three times a day.

*An internal douche may be prepared from raw garlic as an additional natural cure for yeast infections. A mixture can be made by crushing two cloves of garlic in a pint of warm water and allowing it to decoct (steep) for several hours. Strain the garlic cloves and douche with the water once or twice a day until the candida infection is gone. Combine vaginal douching along with eating raw garlic to reduce the symptoms of yeast infections and candida colonies in the bowel. Douche only for up to three days at a time.

Although pharmaceutical products are available for use as yeast infection treatments, they are messy, often ineffective, and frequently set the stage for the next infection. Use garlic, an age old natural cure for yeast infections for a fast, gentle resolution to the problem.


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