2018; Rise Of The Earthkeepers

body of lightLast year ended with a powerful Super Full Moon highlighting the last vestiges of turmoil, confusion and emotion, which characterized the past year. In 2017 we experienced the breakdown and simultaneous release of the foundational energies of our world. The resulting purification and timeline shifts made it very difficult to see the way forward. Nonetheless, despite all the disarray a profound healing occurred, which expanded the new consciousness on the planet.

The old world is rupturing and in 2018 we see the continuation of this process. The governments, wars and abuse of woman and children is the old world dying off. It is may seem that these external disasters and challenges are building, but they are being emphasised pushing us to change. The old, dominate, ego-driven world is collapsing and a new soul-guided reality is emerging. With the rise of this new reality a very necessary transformation is taking place in our basic human ethos. A new awareness is awakening and will realign humanity with Universal principles and values, which take into consideration the Earth and nature. An adjustment in the balance of all things on this planet will ensue.

Everything in our Universe is comprised of five elements, which work in balance, to create physical form. These five elemental forces of water, earth, air, fire and ether are the building blocks of all life. They come together in an alchemical process to create life. At the center of our world is the Earth, the planet we live on. Moving around and over the Earth is Water in the form of oceans, rivers and lakes. Water nourishes and impregnates the Earth to give life. Over the realm of Earth and Water is Air, the atmosphere in which we live. All living things need air to breathe. Then we have Fire, which lights up our sun, moon and stars and generates the life force energy needed to sustain life. And finally, Ether, which connects all things. Balance is the force that unifies them.

All of nature receives, stores and transforms energy. The patterns in nature are complex systems, which facilitate the flow and transformation of energy on and in the planet. Everything is connected by these energy flows and any disruption to the energy carriers (nature) can cause major environmental changes, which affects all of life on Earth. Because of the interrelatedness of all life on Earth, all living things upon her share an evolutionary process. Being intimately connected to the planet we require a balance of nature’s element to grow, evolve and survive. Our energetic bodies are intimately connected, via the elements, to the energy flows in nature. Our emotional body is connected to the Water; our physical body to the Earth; our mental body to the air; our spiritual body to the sun; and our Soul to Ether. As a result of this deep energetic connection, we experience a sympathetic response to any damage in nature.

In this modern world, it has become easy to forget our connection to and dependence on nature. With this disconnection from nature humanity has forgotten that the Earth is a living, sacred being. We have drifted away from the sacred essence of the Earth and focused our awareness and energy mostly on the development of the physical and mental aspects of our being. The emotional and spiritual have been largely neglected. Thus, we have lost track of who we are and why we are here.

The damage done to nature is more awful than the world’s worst nuclear accident. Chernobyl caused a lot of human damage and yet, the ecosystem as a whole has thrived without humans. The idea that humans are superior to nature is only an assumption that lies within the shadow of the collective mind. Our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects are out of balance, which is reflected in the natural world with the damage to the Earth, the pollution of the waters, the poisoning of the air and the explosive nature of our sun. As a result, humanity is living in its shadow and we have become fractured and fragmented.

The great harm that has been done to nature needs to be corrected. With the rising of the new Earth the energetic patterns, which create and sustain life, are evolving. These patterns exist at all levels and permeate the Universe reflecting the unifying order of all creation. The evolutionary process is occurring in response to nature’s need to heal. Humanity will therefore be required to evolve and heal emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually to ensure it’s survival upon the planet. For that reason, it is essential that you reconnect with and develop a deeper, more conscious connection with nature and the Earth.

Nature is receptive and relishes being an active participant in your healing and growth. Spending time in nature attunes your energy and enables you to assimilate and integrate the changing energies emanating from nature. This adjusts your biorhythms to meet those of the planet, bringing balance and a profound shift in your relationship to the natural world. As a result, your entire energetic structure will alter to rebalance the elemental forces within you. A process which will assist you in anchoring your soul within the new Earth reality.

This year, more than ever, it becomes import to reconnect with nature’s cycles of birth, life, death; spring, summer, autumn and winter. This connection will expand your consciousness and highlight your role as an Earthkeeper. As you realise this role you will begin to realise that you have the capacity to communicate with the Earth because you come from the Earth. Nature will transmit subtle messages and guide you to uncover what is in need of healing in both yourself and the natural world.

As an incarnation of divinity, you hold the power to create, neutralise and transform energy for the planet. Embrace your role as an Earthkeeper and humbly learn to walk a path of harmony and balance. Learn to focus your energy and become the living link between Heaven and Earth. Remember that you hold the power to bring change and transformation to humanity.

Root yourself in the Earth and surrender your need to control and dominate. Connect with nature’s evolutionary process and allow yourself to feel its abundant energy. Hear the Earth’s cry and journey to the oceans, the mountains, the forests and the lakes. Learn to dance with the elements, to shift energy and awaken the every-flowing well of creativity that resides deep within you. Engage the full power of your heart and seek to live your life in reverence for all of life.


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