Goddess Bastet: Stargates

thebluerayConnecting with vibration of Bastet… Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence here with my Higher Self and with my Main Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I am connecting with the vibration of Bastet… and the message comes forth….

Dear Souls,

11/1/111 12/1/11 12/12 and 8/8 Stargates are opened. Golden Energy flowing forth from the Great Central Sun. Lunar Energy pouring forth the crystaline…

Today I speak of 8/8 infinite.

Reconcile your energy in this now dear children for a shift is underway.

I am the representation of the Lunar Energy and Feline coming forth from the Great Central Sun God Star Sirius A – I am not of this System of Worlds. My energy is in oneness with whom you know of Sekhmet-Durga we are Dual aspects working in the Sun and Moon Energy Upper and Lower Egypt of Ancient Times…

Duality is an aspect that is aligning and realigning within the system of worlds for all comes back in oneness.

The Feline Energy is working with both the Sirian and Orion Energy aligning and realigning.

Alignments and Realignments integrating polarity moving forth now to the Golden Age of Light…

Infinite… Co-creation of Oneness once more…. Cosmic Lion Consciousness 144th Degree activation your Chakra system from the Great Central Sun. DNA Strands Expanding now.

Children of the Sun are coming forth to your Earth Golden Rays… 13 DNA Strands activated preparing them for the work to do to bring the Golden Age of Light to your Earth.

The power of Being, the power to stand for who you are, proud of your Feminine qualities, proud of your Masculine Qualities aligning and balancing… harmonizing both…. the power to Love unconditionally and the power to heal are just a few of the many aspects which will be deeper activated into your Consiousness.

Alignments of the masculine and feminine within is being shifted and balanced for all ascending Souls working upon themselves at this time… shifting and balance is the key.

Children of the Sun Star Second Star Gate 8-8 Code 17 born inside Lions Gate – The frequencies of this second 8-8- Star Gate Portal carry also the birth and new activations (1) of the frequencies of the Feminine Creative Power inside (7…. Which are both numbers from the 17 which forms the 8 by numerology – Balance… and Infinite….

The frequencies of the 8, the lemniscate is encoded with the frequencies of Eternity, the ongoing Flow of Creation and the Divine Balance of Polarities (Divine Masculine and Feminine).

And in this Divine Flow and balance of equality, where both Polarities will be melting together, there is point zero, the third part which is the Divine Child. Coming forth from this Sacred Marriage of the Divine Polarities. This Divine Child Frequencies will be the Doorway into our own Essence or highest Divine Being.

Prowess…. Divinity… Infinity… and all that there is… dear ones… Light and Dark merging… integrating… healing…. shifting… shine dear ones shine…keep shining….

Why you may ask I am speaking of the Stargate of the Lions Gate / the Feline for the Second Stargate I now speak is that I oversee bringing a balance… and the full Potential of the Feminine Blueprint.

Many Star Gates have opened in recent days… Alignment and re-alignment… balance …. oneness…

Star Gate Energy merging the Higher Dimensions of Light and the Universes are abundant at this time.

A shift is about to happen that will shift all Ascending Souls into a state of elevated consciousness…something that has not been seen before upon your Earth since the Golden Age of Lemuria.

Our many Feline Energies are working with your Earth in this Golden Hour anchoring the Solar-Crystaline Energy of the Great Central Suns. For they have worked tirelessly in the Temples of Light – Just like they did in the Golden Age of the Law of One in Atlantis.

The Temple of Purification is rising once more and rise up activating all you Ascending Souls upon this hour for the Energy of the Temple of Purification is assisting you now in your Divine Transcendence in your Ascension and connection with whom you are.

The Felidae is working with the Cetaceans of Sirius B activating higher chakras and higher Krysto-light bodies. This higher level of consciousness is the Krystos Consciousness, and the Cetaceans are Crystalline Masters.

Their renewed role on the earth includes assisting the shift-transition from the declining magnetic polarity grid to the evolving Crystalline Grid. This is now evolving rapidly in this now and the more aligned Crystaline Grid will shift the Earth out of the State of Duality bringing forth a more amplified Healing of Humanity upon your Earth.

It is a time dear children to be blessed for you are blessed – Shine forth dear children shine forth.

I AM Bastet and I speak through Elaine this day.

www.EraofLight.com – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio