Heavenletters: In Oneness, You Toss Your Heart High in the Sky

heavenlettersGod said:

Yes, you are a Nomad in the Earth world. You are an Explorer, a Scout, a Discoverer, a Traveler, a Seeker of All that can be Sought. You are everyone in Existence. You are more than a fragment of yourself. You are not stranded. You are not set apart. You are Oneness tossing your Heart High in the Sky.

You map out your Life. One way or another, your Name is Love. You tend to abscond with Love and save it for a rainy day.

In order to hold on to Love, let it go. This is the way. No one successfully binds Love. There is no thread that can tie Love up tight.

In order to love, toss all your Love away. This is the way Love finds its way back to you. To sustain Love, let go of it. Give all your Love away. Throw all your Love to the Mighty Sun, and then more Love chases after you and sweeps you off your feet.

The spirit of Love requires Freedom. Freedom is Love’s Second Name. Love is a Free Spirit. This is how Love thrives. There is no Love to lay down in a prescribed way. Love has to breathe freely. Love discovers itself. It is said that you fall in Love. May you rise to Love.

Dear Ones, there is no happy ever after when you pin someone else’s Love down. Another’s Love must be Free, or it is not Love. It’s not for you to confiscate another’s Love. Love is free, or it is not Love. Love has to be given to you. Otherwise, you are left with a fistful of straw.

Love asks for nothing. There are no prerequisites or reprisals to Love. Love is free, or Love is not. You don’t exact Love. Love doesn’t have to look a certain way. No one owns another’s Love. Love isn’t to be regimented. Love is not to be lined up.

Love tied up in knots, made to follow a certain structure stifles Hearts. Love is to be the Outpouring of Joy. Another’s Love is not under your jurisdiction. Love is to remain the Joy from the Heart of the One it comes from.

No one has to fill Your Heart to the brim. You cannot make a list to be followed.. Everyone is free to Love you. No one is obliged to Love you or to Love you as you choose. How someone initiates Love to you or returns Love to you isn’t your call. No one is obligated to Love you or restore your Heart. No one is to lay down the Laws of Love to another’s Heart except by choice. No one has the say over your Heart. No one has authority over your Heart. Hearts are not to be legislated. Take your hands off another’s Giving of Love.

There are Laws of Mathematics, and they are to be followed. There are Traffic Laws the same. Stringent Laws for Love have also been laid out in the world. However, the Main Rule of Love that ventures forth from an Open Heart is that Love must be allowed to be free. Love cannot be mandated. Mandating Love closes Love down. Love must be given freely. No one is to engineer another’s Love. Love isn’t to be commanded as to how it is to be issued forth. There is no patent on Love. Love cannot be hand-cuffed. Love holds no prisoners.

No matter how deserving you may be, you are not in charge of another’s Love. Another’s Love is not to be bound to another’s Will. You can’t decide another’s Love. You can’t predetermine another’s expression of Love, and perhaps not even your own. You may not always live up to your own standards.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendorff