Heavenletters: Deep in the One Ocean

heavenlettersGod said:

A sense of incompleteness seems to chase you, as if there is something you are missing and may never find what this is. Yes, you have a longing, yet what has flown is emptier than your Heart’s longing. For all you know, you could be longing for a longing.

When you have a tooth missing, your tongue finds the gap.

It can’t be that your soul or part of your soul is missing, yet what is this vagueness that follows you around? You know not its name. You misplace or forget altogether what now seems to be a blank. You would like to send out a search party. Perhaps you lost your address. Could you be a missing person? Can you possibly be missing from yourself. Could you have been crossed out, and no one let you know? Why weren’t you told?

I tell you now to go out into Nature, and I will restore your Soul. You will recall yourself to yourself. You will discover what you are doing here on Earth. No longer will you feel away or apart. Pull off your socks. Let your bare feet touch the grass. Recall fresh air. Inhabit the Universe up close. Right this moment, you are finding yourself. You just haven’t quite gotten the hang of Infinity. You can’t hold Infinity tight. There is no table of contents for Infinity that you can look up. There is more to Life on Earth than meets the eye.

Perhaps you are forgetting familiarity. You are in sight. You are in touch. You begin to hear yourself humming your Song.

Something marvelous is happening. It has always been happening. You aren’t swimming at sea. You are full and deep in the One Ocean. You are swimming to shore or you are swimming further from shore. You swim!

You require no shoring up. The water is fine. You are fine. Think less. Be. Just Be. Allow yourself to Be as free as a breeze. Stop thinking of what is the matter. In Truth, there is no matter. Matter does not exist. The content of Life turns out to be empty space – this Fullness of Emptiness which is perfectly allowable. Never mind what seems. All that actually exists on this planet are expressions of Love. There is no wilderness. There is no accounting for anything. Love makes itself known.

There are no calendars. There are no markings. There are no I.D.’s. There is Is-ness abounding. There are Reflections of the Sun. You are a Reflection of the Sun that you behold. The Sun warms you. You are close to Home. Rather, you are Home. You are Home here with me. You don’t lag. You fly free with Me. We mount the steed of Love that flies across the Sky. You never left Heaven. You exist in Heaven. You have a magnificent view that stays lodged within you. You are never not at Home. Sometimes, you aren’t quite able to focus in this Bright Light that consumes you.

Don’t be absurd, Beloveds. The only Existence that exists lies in Heaven. There is nowhere else to be. Heaven expands, and so does your Heart and the Hearts of All.

Welcome to My Country. Come sit with Me, and We shall all the Treasures of Heaven Prove. We do not set out to prove. This is simply how it is. Heaven is Our Address. This is where We sit and Love the world for all to see.

Love flies all over. Love is the Master of the Universe. Keep your eyes on Love. Light is your canoe, Brother. Light is your Heart, Brother. Hallowed be Our Name.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff