Love Fairies

fairy kingdom eraoflightdotcomQ. I am interested in beings from the other side, like fairies. Usually I see them in videos, but I don’t know much about them. I see them in videos about dancing, in vlogs where people film in parks or gardens, etc.

I propose a topic for your blog. Maybe you want to do a reading about who are they, what they do when are around us and how we can communicate with them.

Greetings from Spain and thanks for all your work.

A.  I see fairies as spiritual beings that toggle between our 3D reality and the higher dimensions.  They look as though they can reside in spirit form, and manifest physically by altering their vibration.  When they slow their vibration, they are able to be seen by the human eye.  When they feel threatened or scared, they “speed up” to hide in the higher frequency.

I get that some people choose to “remain spiritual beings” when they pass away and “live with the fairies.”  Fairies feel like guides that have the ability to show themselves.  They look as though they can guide people, and also guide beings while in spirit to aid in their ascension (you can evolve and learn, even in spirit form, ascension isn’t only for the physical world).When I focus on what they do when they show themselves, I get they are connected to our solar plexus (they work on other things, but this chakra is what lights up the most).  They work on processing and purging emotions to make room for higher vibe energy.  They also look to enhance intuition (to where it is undeniable).To communicate with them, talk to them.  You will get your answers intuitively (you will just know).  You can even offer them little gifts as a form of gratitude (could be something as simple as a bite of fruit).  They are timid with humans, and these little offerings (and the feelings behind your intent) help to build trust.