The DNA of Love; Relationships in 2018

allislove eraoflightDuring these times when so many aspects of life are being reworked and rethought, it is important to apply this concept to the relationships in your life. After all, relationships are the key to self-actualization and this year they become even more important to your well-being and success. As we move into a Libra Full Moon on the weekend, I recommend taking a look at your key relationships and what may need shifting. Continue reading for specific examples and suggestions for bringing more love into your life in 2018.


Current energies are bringing to the surface issues of identity, life purpose, and the need to move forward in some way. On a practical level, this can mean that you are evaluating your life path and what you need to do or change to take your next big leap. Indeed, you may feel an undefinable sense of urgency about changing your life.

Keep in mind that your loved ones and other partners are impacted by these same energies. We’re all in this societal shift together, after all. Some of us are very conscious of this metamorphosis. Others experience this in a more unconscious way. Factor this in when you are navigating the twists and turns of relationships. Sometimes you must act as a bridge, applying loving kindness as you help the other person bring to light things he or she cannot see.

Love in 2018

As I mention in my “Predictions 2018” premium eBook, love is an essential element in your progress this year. “Don’t put love on hold, either through inattention or fear of being hurt. Choose to love and to be the love that you are. Decide now that you will bring more love into all of your relationships in 2018 – including the relationship you have with yourself.”

3 Steps to More Love

Here are three steps to creating more love in your life this year.

First, start with you. Invite a knowing of how you can be more loving and accepting of yourself. Allow your key relationships to give you feedback on your self-esteem and relationship skills. As an example, perhaps your partner complains that you don’t listen. Take that to heart, taking steps to be a better listener. Listening, after all, is a key component of any successful relationship.

Second, consider the level of intimacy you allow with others. Intimacy can be physical, yet the larger element involves a deep heart-to-heart connection with another being. This connection is necessary for each person’s growth, and for the success of the relationship. Invite a knowing of how real you can be with others and whether you are open-hearted as you connect. To be real means that you allow yourself to feel, and to know what your entire being is telling you about an interaction.

Third, invite a knowing of how you can have healthier boundaries with others. Get in touch with your own energy and what your body tells you it needs when you are in relationship. No one can know these things but you. None one but you can, in the moment, perceive what you need to feel comfortable and in balance. As you assess those things, you can make adjustments.

Love and DNA

These times can be challenging for relationships of all kinds. The world’s chaos and division can catalyze deep-seated DNA-level patterns involving love. Many of these patterns are ancient – related to belief systems of your ancestors who lived hundreds of years ago. Some are unfinished business from your own past lives.

Over time, all of us have had disappointments in love showing up as things like abandonment, distrust, and fear of intimacy.

In my 1-1 DNA healing work, beliefs about love show up in the Akashic records field when people are working through relationship issues. I can intuitively see examples of how – and when – these beliefs were formed, then can clear them at their root for a profound life-changing healing.

To be living now means that your unfinished business will come to light so that you can heal it and let it go. Knowing this, I recommend that you welcome this process and directly face each issue as it arises.

This is the lifetime, more than any other to date, when you have the ability to do the deeper level of transformation needed for enlightenment. On some level, your soul directs you to people and situations that will help you with this process.

As you do your inner work, you will find increasing joy in everyday encounters with others. This joy will radiate from within, an expression of the love that is at your core. This joy has a magnetic effect on others around you, and on your ability to manifest your best life. Remember that even in those moments when you aren’t consciously aware of the joy inside, it is there nonetheless. Trust this.



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