Yeshua: Your Expiration Date

EmmanuelBeloved ones, this message is going to be a bit different, because we are going to speak to one who has returned to you, one who has been on a far journey and who has had many experiences. We are going to see how this pilgrim has progressed, how this pilgrim went on a great trek, experienced much, even beyond the realm of what you ordinarily would feel to be a lifetime, and has returned to you, returned because there was a calling that went out in the form of many prayers that you were offering and asking this one to return. There was much in the collective consciousness of the grouping of friends who wanted to see this one hale and hearty and back laughing and sharing, sharing experiences which happened in the past few weeks.

Beloved one, on your trip you went to many different countries, and I speak here of the geographical locations. You went to a far country known as Italy. You went to one of the ancient cities where you had lived in other lifetimes, where you had been one of the senators of the governing bodies several lifetimes, where you knew ones who were living at that time, and you had the experience of living and working and having friends in that body.

You also knew how to be the peasant, the beggar, if you will, who sat at the temple door and asked of anyone passing by if they could share with you. So you felt in this lifetime a desire to go back and pick up certain remembrances. There was a calling within you which said, “Let us go back and see how it feels. Let us go back and experience the older buildings,” the ones that truly you had walked in other lifetimes, and see what you would feel in those buildings now approaching from this lifetime, this perspective.

And I will ask of you, did you feel any of the ancient history?

Yes, I did. I did feel like I had been there before.

Right; many lifetimes. It was truly an area where you experienced much of the human condition; as I have said, being both the statesman and being the beggar and everything in between, as well. It was for you a review. It was for you a homecoming just to feel that you had been there before, and how it could have been and was in another lifetime.

Now, there are many in this day and time who do not believe that you can have different lifetimes known as reincarnation. When one goes to visit a place which is historic and there is a certain feeling within you, remembrances or even just a vague feeling of, “I’ve been here before,” it is what ones term evidence that, yes, life is on-going.

Did it feel wealthy to you? (Yes, it felt wealthy.) Yes, and you looked at it from this perspective, this lifetime, and you enjoyed seeing the beautiful artwork, which truly you had a hand in making, because several of the lifetimes you were the artisan who worked with the metals and worked even with the stone which was carved in various intricate patterns.

This is true for everyone when you go to visit what is known as antiquities, history in other countries, even in this country, and you have a feeling of, “I understand how it would be to fashion that. My hands understand something that my head perhaps doesn’t understand, but my hands have a certain feeling.”

Or when you visit a certain sacred place and you know that this means something to you beyond just the feeling in this lifetime for it; there is a deeper meaning in it. Did you experience that? (I felt that, like I’d been there before, but I hadn’t been there in this lifetime.) Yes, very true.

But the interval between the time when you felt that the body was not really strong enough and then being in the transport vehicle, where were you in that time? (I was present, I was there, I could feel it.) You could feel the vehicle, yes. Would it surprise you to know that in the interval, that split second of time when you felt a certain feeling of release, would it surprise you to know that you died in that time? (That wouldn’t surprise me, no.)

You did; the dying itself only takes what you would call a split second. It does not take long, and you left. You had a meeting with your group of soul advisers, and you asked if you could come back and experience more in this lifetime. All of this passed in what you would know as a split second; not even a whole second, but a split second, because it was a thought, a feeling that was expressed, and the permission— not that you actually needed permission—was given that, yes, this would be an interesting thing for you to do, to have the experience of heaven for a moment or so or less, and then to come back and pick up where you left off.

Now, granted, the body has undergone a few changes, and you are still working with putting it back together where it was prior to the experience, but there was more in the experience to be known in that six hundred year old building known as the hospital. There was more experience to be had, and as you lay there allowing the body to breathe and resurrect itself, there was much that was going on at a deep level within you.

And I speak to this for the rest of you, because there is going to come a time in your life when you give permission to leave the body, because you do not want to drag the body around any longer. You do not need to drag the body around any longer. In a split second there is a feeling of release, and sometimes, as in the case of beloved brother, there is a feeling of, “I’m not finished.” You had that very strong feeling, “I’m not finished. I don’t want to leave just yet.”

Now, I have said to you many, many times in talking about the releasement of the body that it is always a choice. The body can never be taken from you. It can be made to look—the evidence of it—that probably you need to leave it behind, but it is always a choice, and in a split second outside of time you either say yes or you say no.

In your case, you had already completed what your soul group had put together for this lifetime. You had already completed that; however, being the maverick that you are, you had started on a new plan. So there was a timing to see if this truly was the route that you wanted to take for a while, and to meet with the soul group—the masters, the guides, whatever you want to call them—and to see how they felt about this; not that it would have mattered, because the choice is yours. But you were kind of checking in to see. And the feeling was, “Go for it.”

Yes, I wanted to come back.

You wanted to come back. There was a very strong feeling on your part, “I want to come back.” So they said, “So be it,” and you are here. Very good. It is most wondrous to be able to look through these eyes (Judith’s) and to see the physicality of you, because truly it was in doubt for a while. That is why there were so many prayers that were offered up as to, “Divine order, but maybe it would be nice to bring him back if that is permissible.” (I could feel all the prayers.) There were many ones praying for you, many ones who gave you permission to do whatever you needed to do, but were also asking, “Can he be allowed to come back? I wasn’t quite finished playing with him.”

It is true for everyone, and I use this as an example. There will come a time when you will feel the opportunity to let go of the physicality, or not. And you may very strongly feel that, “I’m not finished yet. There are areas that I haven’t experienced with the grouping that I’m with in this time.” No one and no thing can stand in your way.

You are the maker of your reality. You are the maker of your body. You are the maker of your life, of that reality —lower case “r”. You are the maker of it. We have spoken many times that it is your Reality with a capital “R” that allows you to make the lower case “r” reality and to live it to the fullest. And if you are not finished with it, you may opt out for a second and then come back.

You did give your adopted son, the one who loves you dearly, a moment of pause when he saw the eyes roll back into the head, and he wondered, “What do I do now?” He did the right thing, of course, and you have a stronger than ever bond with him because of the shared experience.

Sometimes you set these experiences up ahead of time in order to be able to feel Oneness with another one, to be able to go beyond the usual association with ones who are in your family, because you want to know the Truth of your being. You want to know, “Who am I, really? What power do I really have? Can I really let go of the body for a second or so and then rejuvenate it?”

You do that moment by moment with every breath that you take. If you did not take the next breath, the body would expire.

Most wondrous experience, and it is one that you will share with other ones later going down the road, because, again, one of the things the soul group said to you and you agreed with is that you have a chapter of being teacher. Now, you have been teacher all of this lifetime by example, by the love that you have given to ones, ones who were perhaps not as well off as you and needed a helping hand at the time, and you said, “Sure, I will give you a helping hand. Whatever you need, I will give.” You have done that freely, because you have seen yourself in the other one; in other words, the innocent one who is struggling to make the best of everything.

So you have been teacher, if they were open to seeing it, but now you are going to speak some words to ones just in passing; it is not going to be a very formal sort of thing. It can be, but does not have to be. But you are going to share with other ones, “You know, this death thing, this dying thing, it’s really no big deal. You don’t have to be afraid of it. And if you get to death’s door and you don’t feel like going through it, you don’t have to.” You are going to say this to ones. “I know. I’ve been there.”

Yes, it is going to surprise a few people, but that is okay, because truly everyone you meet is someone who has invited you to be right in front of them at that time to give them a word or two that they need to hear. Sometimes they will accept it, and sometimes they will not, but you just give it freely, and they may find themselves later coming back for more. “Remember when you said such and such to me? What did you mean by that? Did you mean that you can actually die and come back again?” And you will say, “Yes, our Savior, Lord, the one we walked with two thousand years ago, showed us, but he did it a bit more dramatically.” But that was my scripting, you see. You may have your own resurrection of the body. In fact, you have done.

“I’ve been there, I’ve done it,” you say, and no big deal.” Ones are afraid of letting go of the body. They have been taught or have read that they may have to suffer after releasing the body because they have been such a bad person in a lifetime, even if they did not know that they were being bad —and it is only bad according to somebody else’s rules, not the rule of the heart.

A lot of times you have said, “Out of sight, out of mind, out of body, gone forever.” No. In truth, there is nowhere else to go. Once you begin to get a handle on that part, then you realize that everyone you have ever walked with is still walking with you, and if you want to speak with them, go ahead. Speak with them. And then, as I have said to you many times, listen, because they may, and probably will, answer you back. And you say, “Hmm. What was that?”

You never ever cease being. You never ever end. You are forever ongoing. So take a deep breath and say, “Well, okay, that kind of changes everything. Maybe I can still go surfing.” There is nothing ever keeping you from being the young one. There may be an unconscious thought that as you bring more years to yourself, then the body gets a little more stiff and it has a few more aches and pains. Maybe there is not quite the same pep in the step that you used to have when you were younger.

But that is all in the mind. That is generational teaching, and you do not need it anymore. You are as young now as you have ever been. Let that sink in. So if you want to get up and walk easily, if you want to do the calisthenics and get strong, go for it.

You, beloved one who has had the recent death experience, have already set for yourself a good example, because even in the medical building you were out walking in the corridor so that you would strengthen the legs. You were not going to just lie in the bed until the legs were like cooked spaghetti. You said, “No, that’s not for me. I came back.” At that point you were not really cognizant of having been somewhere else and coming back, but you figured, “Well, here I am, and I want to be doing. I have things I want to do yet.” I heard you say that.

And yes, this is true for everyone. You do not have to say, “Well, I have reached a certain age, and I guess that is close to my expiration date. Oh, dear. Well, you know, maybe I can live beyond my expiration date.” And you do. Every morning when you awaken, you have made the choice to live beyond your expiration date; every morning. So if you practice that every morning, you must be an expert at it.

You wake up in the morning. You get out of the bed. You say, “Wow, oh, that felt so good.” I see you stretching sometimes. That was so, so good, ah, wow.” You do the exercises and get a little more limber; you get those hips moving around, you know. You can be like your singer star, the one with the special moves: Elvis; that was his name. He was filled with the energy of the music.

Allow yourself to be filled every morning with the energy of the universe. Feel yourself to be as young as you have ever been, because you are. Feel yourself to be quite limber, doing whatever you want to do. Beloved one, pretty soon you are going to be showing us the heels when you jump up and click them together. Perhaps next meeting we will see that? (Maybe) Perhaps next meeting we will see that? (Maybe) Perhaps next meeting we will see that? (Most likely) Very good, very good, most likely; you will work on it. You will have fun with it.

And this is the bottom line for everyone, no matter how many years you have had in this lifetime, this incarnation: the bottom line is joy. The bottom line is just to have fun with it. And in having fun with life, it is contagious. All of you are wondrous teachers, because your friends, your associates have seen you being human in all degrees. They have seen you take on certain years and act a certain way because it was expected of you. Now when you go out and you are feeling very flexible and very joyful, they will do the double-take. They will wonder, “What secret does she know? I want to know his secret. I want to know how he can be so strong. Does she lift weights?”

You are all wondrous teachers, because everyone can identify with you. And if they see you getting younger year by year, which is happening, they think perhaps there is a chance they can get younger, or at least they can try it out for size. They want to know, “What more is there?”

That was you at the moment that you died. You said, “I want to know more. I’m not finished yet. Can I go back?” Of course, you can. It is a choice. So here you are, feeling as young as the sunrise (Thank you). I thank you, because you are the one who is going to be exampling for other ones how it can be done. They have seen you, adding the years on. They have seen you “human”, so if you can make such a wondrous recovery, as they call it, maybe they can grow younger.

So you are going to be teaching. You are actually going to be speaking some words to ones who need to hear it. There are ones who are suffering because they think they are finished. They do not have to be finished. What happens is, if they make decision to be finished and decease the body, then very soon they turn around and come back so they can experience again the human lifetime.

Beloved one, it is a joy to be with you. It is a joy to speak, to be able to interact with each other. Know you what a pleasure it is to be alive? Yes, you know. You have been there. You’ve been to the door, opened the door and said, “Hmm, not yet. I have more living to do.”

It is a joy to be with each and every one of you. Each and every one of you are on your journey, and you are having the courage to make changes, having the courage to say, “Well, maybe that’s how it is for other ones, but I, for myself, I choose life. I choose to be limber. I choose to have the smile on the face.”

Laugh often. Laugh deeply. Laugh with the whole body, and I will meet you in joy.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith



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