Heavenletters: What Metaphor Might We Name Your Soul

heavenlettersGod said:

You may find yourself filled and arrayed with all the colors of the rainbow. If this is the case, consider that you can think of your Soul as a gemmed necklace made of beautiful colors, here a color, there a color, all the colors of the rainbow! Let Us call all the colors your inheritance, or your DNA.

O, Beloved, who could you not be? What could you not be? What are you possibly not? What wondrous gift are you that you do not yet see?

Here it is: All that you may dream of, you are. I won’t say you possess your dreams. You do not possess. Your dreams are you. All the ingredients you consist of truly lie within you. You will realize your splendor in all its shapes and sizes by allowing and unleashing random ideas to rise up through your Heart of Dreams. You run with your dreams up and down and across the galaxies. Follow your paths, no matter how wistful your dreams may seem to be and wherever your dreams may take you. Run with them. You are not making a decision except to discover what dreams are true for you.

Be led to still waters.

First, relax the reins. The reins are not yours to hold onto with all your might. The reins are yours to let go of.

Let your Dreams take you where they will. Ride in the carriage of your Dreams led by white steeds that know their way around the Galaxies. Go down the byways and freeways and country roads of your dreams. Be taken for the ride of your lifetime!

You can be anything and everything you want to be. Within, you contain a hidden map to become what you already are. What can you not reveal? What heights can you not grow to?

Of course, you do not yet believe that you can be all the cards hold for you to be. You don’t actually do it. The choice is not exactly of your making.

To reveal your True Heart likely includes work and focus down the road, yet not right away. When composing music, for instance, is your destiny, the time will come when you will compose music. When music is your destiny, you will have found a branch in your world to hang your heart on.

Then, now, you consciously and actively work toward your announced dream.

Listen to this:

For you to be what you innately are isn’t hard work. All the gears will tumble down, and all the little maids go in a row.

How would you really desire deeply to become anything you are not? The glamor of something isn’t enough. Pressure from a parent is not enough. Talent and skill are not enough. Before hard work comes the gift of passion.

Allow your passion to find its way so you may shine your Light. Stardom is a sidebar. When you have a true passion, odds are that you will excel.

When you become a great actor, not everything you do is your piece of cake. Every vocation has its details you may not favor: Getting up early, having to work late and spend time waiting, having to travel, go on stage to perform, etc. Most likely, well, you go along with the details because of your dream.

Going where your dreams take you heads your show. How fortunate you are to have a strong thirst to quench that takes precedence. We speak of your Star to follow and an inner flame that moves you forward.

Of course, Beloved, this can only be an inside job.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff