The Grandmothers: You Stood in Line to Be Here Now

grandmothers speak“Blessed are all beings,” the Grandmothers said.  “You are blessed.  Everyone on Earth is blessed.  Perhaps you think that because there is so much strife in the world today, you are not blessed, but cursed to be living in these times.  No!  We assure you the opposite is true.  You stood in line to be here on Earth now!” they cried.  “We are speaking figuratively, but in essence, you did.  You wanted very much to be part of life here at this moment in time!

“Courage is called for now and your soul wanted to experience courage. Steadiness is called for and you wanted that too.  You wanted a challenge, to be utilized for the highest good and so you were allowed to be part of the great shifting that’s begun.  You are blessed indeed.

“Things are not as they seem,” they said, nodding to reassure me.  “We have told you this before and we know it’s hard for you to grasp.  A BIG picture is being formed now and a confluence of events is taking place, an intersecting of energies as they overlap and dovetail with one another.  This is taking place in the most creative and unsuspecting ways.  What’s occurring is so astounding that all you can do is stand back and marvel at it.  Greater changes than you can imagine will begin to reveal themselves now.  What is unfolding is indeed marvelous and as you gain in understanding, you will join in marveling at it.

“The gross selfishness and the disrespect for living things that you are witnessing now are aberrations.  Sickness, grotesque formations of energy, and ancient thought forms are surfacing from the primeval ooze.  This dark and heavy energy must come out.  It must rise and be eliminated from Earth’s energy field.  As it rises up, it is hideous to behold and it stinks!

“However, this ugliness is in the process of coming up and out, up and out.  It will not last,” the Grandmothers said.  “Let it come.  Let it swell up from everywhere on Earth, from all levels of society.  Let it rise and lift off.  You may even be aware of it coming up out of you and out of others too.  Simply watch it as it goes.  It’s time for it to leave.

“As this seemingly dreadful drama takes place on Earth, hold fast to us and to the Net of Light.  Let yourself rest, anchored in light, held steady while all that is ready to be eliminated comes to the surface.  This is your work now … bearing witness and allowing what must go to go.  We stand with you.”