The Elohim: Revelations

elohim beingsDear Ones,

Many revelations will be unfolding as Truths unfold. Ascending to 5th Dimension above shall reveal all in the light. Your energy and origin is seen by those working in Higher Consciousness. We are aware at this time of great confusion. This confusion shall subside in the evolution of consciousness. Light reveals Light and Light reveals in the Darkest Places. We are aware of many distortions that have come to light in this system of worlds for many Eons. Now is this time of great revealing as many Souls ascend above the 5th Dimension seeing what takes place in other dimensions and the ability to see into the Soul.

Keep your hearts pure and of love and focus on your Ascension in this cycle. 

Many of you have in past lives Ascended in Sacred Timelines this does not make you immune in this cycle. Thus you are called to work at this time to make this timeline a Sacred one.

The Elohim incarnated upon your Earth have already been activated to their personal timelines planned births with significant astrological signs and codes have been activated to significant rolls working with the Mahatma Freqency and Energy. 

Their roles are significant in this now time in the leadership of the Ascension process upon your Earth. 

The Elohim incarnated in this cycle come from all walks of life embracing many challenges along the way. Self Mastery is great. 

We are in this now planning Cosmic Events forthcoming that shall see a shift like no other upon your Earth. 

Humanity Healing and Ascension sits at the hearts of what we do in this now time.

We embace your Earth with Sentinent Light bringing forth a greater sense of enlightenment. 

The enlightened souls are radiating your planet in this now time. 

Greater aspects of Creation upon your Earth have vital role to play in the sustainment of Gaia. 

Many enlightened Souls hath been called now to work with these energies with love.

The Trees have had a vital role to play since the beginning of time thus are the conduits of the healing energy to the Earth and the the Sacred Leylines Vortices and Sacred Sites. Trees will always have a story to tell of timelines past. 

Currently a major project is underway in this given time to assist in transmissions and this assistance is widespread across the cosmos through the roles of the Angelic Realms Spirit Realms Nature Realms Animal Realms Sea Creatures Galactic and Omniversal Realms. 

Projects are underway in the galactical realms with major shifts unfolding and significant planetary alignments planned. Solar Gateways and Solar Portals have been activated now to prepare for planned Star Gate Portal Events across this system of worlds.

Birthing of Star Nations is underway – much of this is being facilitated by The Orion. 

Hidden Galaxies are merging and coming to light as your technology will unfold many truths. 

We are pushing forward now a spiral galaxy converging with the Milky Way the Galaxy in which you reside.

With these Cosmic Events unfolding the energy from the Galactic Centre has a greater influence upon your Earth thus will increase the vibration and frequency thus shifting the consciousness of many Souls at this time.

It is imperative at this time that you remain focussed upon your hearts during these times. Maintain and be of balance Mind Body and Spirit. Take care to eat and drink a healthy and high vibrational diet and release as many of you reach a state of Higher Frequency.

We delight in the progress of you all that hath embraced the Ascension and are fully working now to assist humanity at this time.

You are not alone upon your pathway. We are facilitating many connections at this time.

We leave you with a greater love peace and understanding.

We are The Elohim Council of Four and Twenty Elders and we speak through Elaine this day. Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio