Heavenletters: Golden Godwriting

heavenlettersGod said:

When you are a Godwriter, and you sense a Godwriting message on its way to you beyond your ken – as insurmountable as it appears to you, here’s what can be happening:

It’s like I give you a large beautifully planed block of wood to carve to set out in the world for human eyes to begin to see as from My Eyes. Clearly, this is beyond your ability. You are way out of your league. You do not even see a tool to carve with. How on Earth are you going to accomplish this feat? You would love to serve My Will. You would gladly bend to My Will.

You may feel that I have made a mistake. Perhaps you wonder if I may be mistaking you for Christopher Columbus, who has a good idea of how to sail to the New World, while you do not even know how to steer a ship at all or how to read a map.

Now I will tell you, you will accomplish this very well with Me at your elbow.

So very faintly on the surface of the wood to be sculpted, I have passed My hand over. I did not leave an impression, yet I leave you a very quiet sense of where you are to carve. It is as if you see the raw beginnings. You lightly pass your hand over where My hand passed, and you begin to see now so many words, so many you don’t know where to begin.

Or We can put it another way: Let’s say that I give you a densely-filled paragraph to edit. You are not personally an editor nor a grammarian. You are unable to accomplish this on your own.

So here you are: You are aware that this is a beautiful piece of wood to carve. The task could only have been given to you by God.

Or here is this beautiful paragraph that you can’t quite make out. You trustingly look at the paragraph. You begin to feel Me so faintly guide your hand as if you were carving to delineate the amassed paragraph. You carve out some of the words, and you let others remain until the paragraph seems to reveal itself. You do not add anything. You simply plane out the traces that could be removed. Thereby, you leave a beautiful sculpted readable Golden Godwriting behind, an excavation that you carved from Earth, yet I carved from Heaven.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff