The Grandmothers: A Beacon of Light Amidst the Storm

grandmothers speak“Energy in society today often appears to be contracting while you yourself are longing for expansion,” the Grandmothers said.

“Your heart wants to be lifted up, yet when you look around yourself much of what you see is not life affirming, not expansive. The daily cruelties of those in power, the small mindedness of so many, and the ever-present selfishness. Mine! Mine! Me!” they pantomimed.

“Selfishness in every possible variation.

“Yes, yes, we know,” they groaned, shaking their heads. “This is the time we warned you about–when the negative energy of the past rises up and shows it’s full ugliness. Take a good look at it,” they said, “and while you’re looking, know that what you are seeing is not your own self, is not the soul of humanity, but is only the fearful, contracted side of human experience. Stored garbage from the past, they said, “variants of fear. Recognize this for what it is and then just let it be. Don’t try to argue with it or fight against it. It is foul,” they said.

“It is ugly and…, it must come to light now.

“Let it lie in a stinking heap, exposed to the air and light. As the light shines on it, it will reveal it for what it is… detritus from the past.  And…,” they said,“let those who are still attached to this past ugliness stay attached to it until they are stuck no more. There’s little you can do to free these people from garbage they are clinging to.  Hold them in the Net of Light,” they said, “and the radiance of the Net will begin to lift them. All things eventually pass, and this ugliness too will pass, but for now, bless those who are attached to the mess and then go on with your life.

“You are called to a different path,” they said, nodding to me. “Your job is not to look back, but straight ahead. You are asked to leave the past behind and stand steady in the light. Stand in the light of the One Love, undistracted by the dramas that assail you. If you lose sight of this goal you will end up wasting your life’s energy. So simply let all of it be now while you keep your eye on your goal. Stand in love,” they said,“no matter what.

“We ask you to call on us daily, hourly, minute by minute. We ask you to stay aligned with the Net of Light that is holding the Earth during these most unsteady of times. Let the Net hold you while we surround you. We will seal your energy field so that you remain encased in light. All the time!” they said, “no matter what. A beacon of light amidst the storm. We have told you before and now we tell you again that you were born for these times. You were born for this work. So call on us now and work with us. Call on us and stand in light!”



» Source » Channel: Sharon McErlane