The Creators: Find a Safe Place to Feel & Process Your Emotions

light beings creators eraoflight“We are going to provide you with an exercise to help you recalibrate your consciousness. You are living in a time and a reality where there are places where it is acceptable for you to have emotions and places where it is unacceptable for you to display any type of emotion whatsoever. And this is somewhat limiting for you. It is as if you are supposed to follow the rules about what you feel, how you feel it, and when you can display those emotions.

So what we suggest you do when you find yourselves in one of those places where it is not accepted by society that you can show your emotion, or even express it verbally, you can take yourself into a part of that place where you feel less inhibited by others and their rules and social norms and fully express what it is you are feeling. So it is entirely necessary and appropriate for you to feel what you are feeling, regardless of whether you are at a funeral, or an important meeting, or standing in line at the grocery store. Whatever it is, wherever you are, that is an appropriate place.

But if it is asking too much of you to feel what you feeling and be open and expressive about it, then simply take yourself to a place where you find yourselves less inhibited, more free, more able to let go and simply be where you are in the moment. And if there is someone with you who can understand what it is you are wanting to do and is willing to assist you by listening, that is appropriate as well. So, we want you to give yourselves permission to take time out from whatever it is you are doing and from wherever it is you are to let the emotions flow.

Because if you stifle them at those times when you feel it is inappropriate to be an emotional being, then you will find it harder to access that emotion when you are in a place where you feel safe. So we are asking you to always give yourselves permission to feel what you are feeling, to express it, and to engage with it. And we are suggesting that you take the time that you need and to allow yourselves to move comfortably into a place where you can, and feel able to, express your emotions regardless of where you are and who you are with.”



» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton