The Galactic Federation: The Choice is Yours

eraoflight federation of lightYou divine beings who walk on Earth are we shall say doing a major reset of your lives. What we mean by that is, if you see yourselves as computers carrying wisdom inside your cellular content you can than begin reprograming and adjusting to the new energies in moment.

The programs housed inside are that of a and allow a master program for ascension. It is here and now that you can step up to the plate and align inside that thread of love.

What better time than now it is to shed your old beliefs some of which are programed into you from birth and move with a rebirth.

What better time but to take advantage to awake and dance in these new energies for harmony.

The choice is yours. Open your hearts and minds to a new beginning. Open your treasure chest of wisdom by taking care of your sacred vessel.

You have already heard many times to eat better and rest when you need. You have been encouraged by the many channelers to feel and honor yourself.

It is one thing to read it but now is the time to enact the program with your willingness to bring into self more life force energies.

Your intention through prayer and commitment will speed up the process. The rewards are to reacquaint yourselves with your true potential as beings of light.

If you feel ungrounded with racing minds and other symptoms know it is temporary. And like any grand computer it must be grounded. You too must stay grounded.

Grounded in moment and Mother Earth.

We remind that there is a group consciousness that you are feeding so stay positive. Know you make a difference with your thoughts individually.

Earth is at cutting edge of a new reality and you are in it as you chose to be. We assure you that much is going on behind scenes for your benefits so separation becomes a part of past and love rules.

Stay strong during this shift by being who you really are Avatars of Light. We feel you are ready NOW to step in your power and no longer be a prisoner to those who thought they controlled or even your own ego minds.

You are ready to shed your skins and move on the super highway of knowledge for freedom.

There is no lack once you focus on what you are and have. And what you are capable of manifesting.

Beloved humans. You are light and you are loved so dance in the new energies and choose to move the best you can as you shift during these changing times.

Reboot to relive in life love and harmony. Push button with breath and focus aimed at heart. You are the co creators of Gods mind and therefore your destiny is peace joy abundance and FREEDOM.



» Source » Channel: Star Blossom


One Reply to “The Galactic Federation: The Choice is Yours”

  1. flazak

    I personally have an overactive mind. I eventually began to think of my brain/mind as more of the computer/logic/rational based part of myself and have attempted to ‘reprogram’ myself from that start point based on the workings of a computer and its OS (An Amiga in my case as I had this computer when I was a child). The heart would be the generator of feelings and emotions which can trigger the mind and the mind can trigger the heart. They are linked and set each other off.

    I am aware now that not all thoughts are my own and that I am susceptible to both good and evil thoughtforms just like everyone else. I hear/see the good and allow the good. I hear/see the evil and my reprogramming helps me to bat it away as I would bat away an annoying fly. The intent of the good is to help balance, educate and reassure, the intent of the evil is to poke and prod me into lower vibrations like fear, anger, dismay and the like.

    That being said, whilst evil is flying around you sometimes need to let it say whatever it needs to say but do not act on it or let it in. Later when you reflect you are able to balance it by thinking rationally and not letting the emotional response get in the way of thinking clearly. The more knowledge you have absorbed about things and concepts and history etc etc the easier it is to balance whatever comes to your mind.