The Galactic Federation: Inside the Heightened Process of Evolution

eraoflight federation of lightGood-day Beloved ones, We are your friends known as the Galactic Federation. By now many have heard the phase that you are moving inside the ascension process. We at this point wish to add another definition to this phase. You are inside the heighten process of evolution. Yes, you are evolving inside your human form. Expanding your consciousness, your cells, your hearts to experience life to the fullest. On the way to passing your birthright of joy, abundance peace, to go beyond where there is no end to what you can achieve as a species.

This process is moving inside divine timing and must be done slowly to allow time to integrate and not be overwhelming for your body. As you allow it to take place and be peaceful during this transformation you will be the love avatars you always have been.

You inhabiters of earth are divinity in motion and we shall say your doing a major reset of your lives. What we mean by that is, you are realigning with your true potential and with the energies of love to open into endless bliss. Once fully integrated it will give you a freedom you have never felt before.

So many many things will become available to you. The ability to self heal. To have gifts of telepathy and teleportation. To understand the true nature of God and the God within. And to tap into the grid of wisdom to answer your quandries.

As your human form balances these energies and you re-learn to love yourselves the human conditions that have prevailed in past like wars ,hunger, fear will be a thing of the past. The ball is in motion so it is best to stay grounded and in the present moment inside joy.

Remember LOVE is the thread within and without that will give your harmony and the ability to expand. As you connect to this energy with self appreciation for your fellow humans and self and commit to the new you you will experience freedom way past anything you can imagine.

Those things orchestrated by those in control whereby the skies will no longer be poisoned, as well as the food is ending. There will be full respect of Mother Nature and all her allies and they too will align with you.

This will pave the way to the grand awakening so we can come forth and assist in clear view.

The human race is now in the matrix of evolution and it has been long awaited for. We cheer you on. We celebrate you and all you are even if you still can’t see your enormous greatness.

This master program of evolution is underway so we suggest you can step up to the plate and align inside that thread of love. You will be so glad you did.

Breath in deeply through your day asking that these source energies from universe to fully integrate. Meditate, ask in prayer for assistance and it will come. Keep in mind that the use of affirmations to reset old programs will aid this process.

Allow yourself to reflect with excitement about these new times. There are so many beings here to aid so do seek them out. For example…

Nancy Joy Hefron a precious channeler who shared this message from Kryon is worth repeating here. Check out her newsletter and site when you have time.

Recite this prayer and give yourself the gift of connecting to Krayon remembering words have power and they instruct change to manifest.

Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll is an angelic loving entity from the Source (or “Central Sun”) who has been with the Earth “since the beginning” and belonging to the same “Family” of Archangel Michael.

It is as follows:

Dear cellular being that I am, I am in charge. Let all things that have occurred in my life from my birth to this very moment be on notice. Let the memory in my brain, the very synapse that holds them, be on notice. Cease and desist those things that would be below my magnificence as a creation from God on this planet. You’re not allowed to keep the “tapes” playing. The “tapes” are these: The betrayal I’ve experienced, the sorrow, the bad feelings, the anger, my low energy Human nature, the buzz itself. Cease and desist. I am in charge of my memory, and every single cell resounds with my Higher-Self. I am part of this in a way that I never knew before. I am in charge of all things that are me. I command this so I might go from this place and not have to carry those negative things from my own past that have occurred since my current birth on this planet.

Dear cellular structure, I’m in charge. The boss is talking. Listen up: I command you to see the beauty and the benevolence and the God inside of every cell in my body. I command you to be more resistant to disease than I have ever been before. You see, disease cannot attach itself to the light, and I hold more light than ever before. I command that which was in me, which is inappropriate, to go away and to change. Let the chemistry in my body show itself in the next days so I know this is real. I take command of things that I was never told I could take command of. It is settled.

As Nancy Joy says catch the magic. It is the magic of self and living on a sacred planet.

We now continue this message for you to Understand that YOU yes you are in control of your inner self and it is time if you are reading this to realize the gift and abilities you have. These abilities through prayer and intention will aid as you reawaken to your true magnificence.

What better time than now to shed your old beliefs some of which are programed into you from birth and move with a rebirth.
What better time but to take advantage to awake and dance in these new energies for harmony.

Only you can take the steps to do so and make your reality be one of joy. Open your hearts and minds to a new beginning. Open your treasure chest of wisdom by taking care of your sacred vessel.

You have already heard many times to eat better and rest when you need. You have been encouraged by the many channelers to feel and honor yourself.

It is one thing to read it but now is the time to enact the program with your willingness to bring into self more life force energies. It is just a breath of intention away.

Your intention through prayer and commitment will speed up the process. The rewards are to reacquaint yourselves with your true potential as beings of light. Is that not something you want for peace. A big “Yes,” we say.

If you feel ungrounded with racing minds and other symptoms know it is temporary. And like any grand computer it must be grounded. You too will find it helpful in your daily life to stay grounded. Grounded in moment and Mother Earth.

We remind that there is a group consciousness that you are feeding so stay positive. Know you make a difference with your thoughts individually.

Earth is at cutting edge of a new reality and you are in it as you chose to be. We assure you that much is going on behind scenes for your benefits so separation becomes a part of past and love rules.

Stay strong during this shift by being who you really are Avatars of Light. We feel you are ready NOW to step in your power and no longer be a prisoner to those who thought they controlled or even your own ego minds.

You are ready to shed your skins and move on the super highway of knowledge for freedom.

There is no lack once you focus on what you are and have. And what you are capable of manifesting.

Beloved humans. You are light and you are loved so dance in the new energies and choose to move the best you can as you shift during these changing times.

Reboot inner heart to live in life with love and harmony. Push button with breath and focus aimed at heart. You are the co creators of Gods mind and therefore your destiny is expansion to evolve with peace, joy, abundance, and FREEDOM.

We leave you with good-day. Everyday is a good day even inside great change when you think it so to ride the wave of ascension and rebirth.

We hope you are recharged with this new information and that you think about it to further your own loving light.

Love Pass It On as you be the love you are.



» Source » Channel: Star Blossom