From Reader Joan Amela Towards the Galactics

light shines unveilingIn my opinion, and observing the opinion and discouragement of the people, I believe that delaying your arrival for a longer time will only cause that there is more lack of control, fear, despair, apathy and many other things that circulate inside each mind.

for these reasons your physical presence on the planet is necessary, to destroy all the masses that control the basic points to all humanity (read religions, banks, corrupt politicians, judges, prosecutors and lawyers, police sold to power, etc.). ).

Many workers and warriors of light are at the limit of our capabilities, at least I think so.

receive a big hug from me.

18 Replies to “From Reader Joan Amela Towards the Galactics”

  1. John

    Recently I did a “synchronize and accelerate both halves of my brain into my true peace and Grandeur” repeated energy experiment and I found myself on a neutral level untouched by human negative emotions with a very bright light presence I don’t “remember”. There were three strong statements present. ” There is no prejudice, there is no judgment, this is a flowering musical equation.” To a certain degree this a “rare earth mining operation”, so to speak, disguised as something else. So just play your best part in this symphony. May a new kind of peace and joy come your way this fine day.

    1. Star

      Yes the family of light shall prevail. The light is winning the fight and more disclosure as well as the galactics showing themselves will happen at the right time. Blessings and gratitude sent your way to you and all. To you and all during these changing times.

      1. Da Silva Lurdes

        OUI MERCI ,JE VOUS SUIS RECONESANT, Ma pourquoi je torne au rond ? Je vous sent ,Je ne SE QUE DÉSIRE que FAIRE, .Set terra TELMAN belle pla de richesse naturelle. Ma telment de méchanceté! Mes frères et soeurs famille je me sent Vidé. Que pour Je faire ?Je sais que à boucou ,boucou plus,JE SUIS CONSCIENT que vous ma famille VOUS ,VOUS pouvez faire déclenche tout SE suspance. S’IL TU PLAÎT. MERCI GRATTITUDE AMOUR ET LUMIÈRE DE VÔTRE SOEURS QUE VOUS AIME. 💖💖💖💚💚💚💙💙💙

  2. Anon

    “Everything is unfolding” & “At the right time”.

    Perhaps I’m among the minority that have been searching for truth for such an extended period of time, that when I personally hear phrases like these, I think to myself….”oh no… not again”.

    The seemingly never ending carrot dangling in front of us all.

    Yep, as the Galactics are tucked away in their Star-ships, safe from the likes of the dark ones… assuring all of us brave Gaian’s of the terrific job we’re all doing. Holding space, anchoring the light, etc…and while that may be true, most are merely just struggling each day to remain alive long enough to perhaps eventually reach the seemingly unattainable carrot.

    I suggest the Galactics consider an exchange program, whereby they have the opportunity to “walk a mile in our shoes” for example. They experience what its like for a time, living here on planet, under the conditions we’re all exposed to each and every day. Lets see how they approach their “all in good time” philosophy once they have an “up close and personal” experience for themselves.

    Easy to say “Oh, good things are coming” literally, year after year, from the comfort of an Intergalactic vessels….. surrounded by like minded, spiritually advanced souls.

    But, alas… we chose this mission, right? Coming to a 3D planet to help liberate it from the dark… We made our beds etc…. Should we just shut the hell up and take responsibility for our apparent decisions and take it on our collective chins? Watch helplessly while we witness unimaginable atrocities being perpetrated by these dark ones…. even today?

    Oh, but wait…. They understand our “frustrations” and as such we should be content in that knowledge that we are being understood. Its OK now, that our seemingly endless suffering, on a global scale, is being understood by our star breathen.

    Its funny…the ones who promote patience are likely the ones who aren’t struggling day by day to literally stay alive.

    Perhaps they should reassess their narrative as we move forward, as I’m guessing there maybe an increasingly challenging effort in keeping the Light workers pacified sufficiently.

    Where to now?

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    You’ll excuse my sarcasm. Like most I guess…we’re all tired. Tired if the endless “wonderful times ahead” news.

    1. Star

      Star speaking I understand exactly how you feel. I wish they would show themselves too but it has to unfold and everything is in motion for that day to come. I feel your frustration as I am in the body but at this time of transformation as the energies every month, day hour pour into the earth the best thing to do is not go into fear mode, doubt or negativity. We as a collective are evolving and more and more are awakening to the gift of who we are. The galactics know our struggles and don’t take them lightly. I feel their presence and their wanting to help as I channel them. You are making it sound like they are insensitive because they don’t come down right now. DIVINE TIMING AND TRUST IS WHAT YOU NEED. They are not deserting us. WE ARE A YOUNG SPECIES AND ARE EVOLVING. WE NEED TO FIND OUR OWN POWER. The more disclosed the more people are waking up to take action. Keep the faith and don’t stop sharing the love. Blessings

  3. Monica

    Please pray for all these children they need our prayers, let’s hope someone does something for them, there is nothing worse than knowing the truth and not being able to do a thing! My heart aches.

    1. Star

      Monica sweet Monica our hearts as well as the heart of the channeler aches for the children. Take your knowing and understand even at your location u can aid because thoughts have power. Send out thoughts of love. Anchor trust and love. Believe that the road to freedom and safety for all is unfolding. Many are taking action to stop the atrocities. And most importantly refrain from fear. The great change is underway.

  4. Doug James

    I agree.. we all want will isn’t true when the masses are deceived about the truth. If all knew the truth of their origin their past and all the crimes then they wld have free will but we don’t when the majority are not awake enough to see events as 911 being staged..sandy hook..c trails..the denial and IMPLANTS void our free will. So can’t use the free will excuse anymore..that isn’t real here because we have all been lied to and literally implanted and poisoned.. GMOs… fake news fake events.. if all knew all of this then sure that is free will. Thank you.. take action now.. come down

    1. Star

      yes all the events you mention are real atrocities that those not awake do not understand but disclosure must be exposed slowly. To much would cause anger.and could cause destruction like the proviso is earth. Know you and everyone on earth is destined for freedom and peace. Again there is much happening behind the scenes. Take the time to anchor and send out love. Take the time to speak in actions generated from love. Intergrate you anger and hate and it like fuel will help carry you.

  5. marc

    Hey how about Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin carving off the face of a child in a sacrificial murder! WHY DON’T WE TALK ABOUT THAT! WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!

    1. Star

      All wake up when they are meant to and with the help of their higher selves. Yes she has done disgraceful crimes against humanity and she as well as others will be held accountable. There are thousands of sealed indictments that must be reveled to the public at the right time. Too fast and it could cause problems. The best thing we can do is make them accountable but at the same time release them from their roles so we can leave and desist

  6. marc

    Regarding comment “Yes the dark serves the light and has been of purpose” So the Galactics are saying that in this free world we can just torture everybody and the kids and rape everybody and poison everybody and this all serves the light! Man you Galactics are f-ing sick!

    1. Star

      The world is actively changing and please understand that much is going on to put an end to these terrible crimes to humanity. As the frequency of earth rises and integrates love many yes many things will change. People have experiences based on the lessons of their soul contracts. We understand you feel the pain of others and are to be commended for that. We understand that you want a quick end to those who are “tortured” There will be a time where it stops we promise. Already there are laws that forbid war. Already mankind has made great strives. We are here to aid with knowledge and assist to encourage love and choice. We are not here to save the human race. he human species is now evolving toward forever peace and YOU will get there. That is against the human directive. We will say that destruction and war is not something that is any longer permitted.
      There is a process (a method going on to the madness so to speak) The human race has been prisoner for a long time. We are not condoling toucher only saying that it is awakening all to live WITHOUT IT. Everything every aspect of life as you know it is changing. Hold onto love not fear and ride the storm. Blessings for you to feel peace and move with trust and love.

      1. gabrielle d thompson

        I believe this commenter is a troll. And you are being wonderfully patient!

  7. Star

    My dear Joan, We the Galactics are glad you have addressed your concerns. Rest assure that everything is unfolding inside a plan. If we disclose ourselves too fast we would disrupt the orchestrations already in play and that is unfolding.

    We want you to know much is going on behind the scenes. Much of the corruption is being tended to and will be disclosed at the proper time.

    Earth is under the jurisdiction of a free choice realm so it needs to unfold and the dark is being released from its role. Yes the dark serves the light and has been of purpose.

    We feel your frustration and wish to address it by sending you love and reminding you that earth is still under rules of non interference. That is why things are being handled from the inside. It is important as light workers and warriors of love to hold onto love and move as you integrate the new energies.

    If we revile ourselves too fast it could cause chaos. There will be a day when all will be showed to the world but now this very moment is not the time. We are here for the long run and not deserting those on earth. Remember that you are divine and capable of carrying the torch of light by being patience. Yes the corruption is deep but it is we promise you being ironed out. (to coin a phase)

    With disclosure unfolding with the 3500 sealed indictments and the new currency and with NASARA so much will change. These new energies are cleansing all who live on earth and aiding a mass awakening.

    Also sweet one the more you go in your heart the more you and other light workers will be able to do what you need to do to align inside love and trust. The more you stay in heart the more you as light workers can visualize and prepare for the new energies and times .

    Keep moving forward cleansing and working on yourself. When you see injustices send love and compassion outward. Even in your home you can aid with your thoughts and actions.

    We as well as many other beings of light are overseeing the transformation of your planet. It is well underway for the good of Humanity and we thank you for your voicing your concerns. They are deeply seeded with your love and hope that all works out AND IT WILL. Blessings

    Channeled by