Goddess Pele: The God/Goddess Awakens

starseedsWe are, each one of us awakening new energies within our field as the pivotal transformation of the Big Island of Hawaii continues. In the photo above you can see that our new field of energy is much larger and encompasses more of who we are Galactically as well as Planetarily. With this new field of energy we have increased our potential effectiveness as Light Beings. We can reach further and effect more change and transformation.

Pele explained to me that many will awaken with her, especially those who are ready now and many will awaken with each of the new earth changes, other volcanoes, new islands coming up out of the ocean and other occurrences.

Each soul group is destined to awaken all of the souls on earth for this next cycle of awakening. As Pele and the Big Island take back their power, so too we are taking back our power. As she covers herself (the island) with lava and ash, she removes all man made structures and things. As we begin to honor our energetic beings our field becomes brighter, clearer and larger. We too, are removing all man made things from our field of energy.

The Goddess is awakening our codes, our dreams, our memories, and our desires for ourselves, our families and for our beloved Planet. She is calling us to THRIVE, to no longer accept just surviving. She is beckoning us to step out, follow our new design, fulfill our roles as empowered, enlightened, sovereign beings.

The God/Goddess is awakening in each of us daily. Her transformation mirrors our transformation. She is showing us daily how we are to take back our power, step out of our old roles and step into our new creations.

This is a heart transformation that is teaching us to love and value ourselves as women, as men, as children, as Divine Sovereign Beings. The Goddess beckons us to step into our roles as leaders, as teachers, as entrepreneurs and midwives who are guiding the birth of the New Earth. We will use our skills, creativity, wisdom, and courage to forge a new path, a new way for all on the planet to THRIVE.

My own body has felt the great surge of the island erupting within me, changing everything I do. It has pushed me into saying no to old limitations and thoughts and forging ahead into the unknown each day fearlessly.
Women are here to be seen, to be heard, and to be the guides for a new culture emerging.

We have been waiting for the Right Time, Right Place, and Right Conditions.
Now is that Right Time, Earth is the Right Place and these are the Right Conditions. Use the fertile soil in which you are planted (where you are right now) to bring forth your creations. Your art, music, books, meditations, gifts, paintings, photography, essences, healing gifts – all that you create to heal this New Earth and all her people. The Goddess is calling it forth from within you to share it with all those around you so that all can FLOURISH AND THRIVE.

This is a time of women working together without jealousy, pettiness and back biting. This is a time of men working together with women to accomplish great works.

Behold the LIGHT OF GOD in each human being!

Goddess Pele.



» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl