Hostess of Light: A Seeded Future

mother god eraoflightdotcomAs the energy of Gemini clashes with itself like teething twin two year olds, we all feel pushed and pulled in every direction. The dark and the light of the impish Gemini twins demands that we make peace with the pushy energy within us before we battle the pushy energy on the outer limits.  Everyone is a little more sensitive, a little grouchy, a lot distracted, mostly bewildered and vague.  We seek council of our own light and soul but all we see is fog. Our moods and thoughts change like spring weather. We do not feel like we fit in our skin, or life. We look at those we love and wonder what happened?

In this place of many fissured mirrors, there is no good or bad, nor right or wrong – there is only reflection and a need to understand and embrace that reflection. The fork in the upcoming road leads humanity down a bumpy path.  A place where cell phones and compasses no longer work, and the landscape shifts and pulses hiding its true colors.  The teachings of mercury and Gemini are very animated like 1st graders after Kool-Aid and cupcakes.

Just like the flow of liquid mercury, life and time moves in an un-harnessed fashion doing what it was born to do. The Gemini internal twins are both identical and fraternal of nature. They mirror each other but they also bend and refract each other. Unpredictable is the word for this season of restructure. Restructure can be the hard way, like you just hired beavers to do construction on your house. Everything is turned upside down flowing in the opposite direction and you are being forced to see the world at a new angle.

What we once thought was our truth has left the building along with Elvis. Who we once thought we were is no longer viable in this dimensional flux of change. The summer will see to the task of rattling our predefined cages.  All of us have held a dream in our heart for so long it has become a part of us. We still have not seen that dream birthed no matter how hard we try or pray or let go and let God.

We are no longer in a place where that dream needs to come true. Each dream in our heart is something our soul was quested with in order to achieve our mission on earth. Each dream once held a key, an answer a heart realization that was necessary to the divine plan. Much of that has changed allowing our hearts and souls to seek something fresh, something different, something magical to fill this noticeable empty spot in our soul.

Earth does not keep the same shape on a daily basis; she breathes in and out, expands and contracts, huffs and puffs and usually blows her stack at least once a day. Due to spatial increase earth drifts like an island that moves ever so slightly with the changing human moods. We all know where we belong, but the head-winds of change are powerful they push us off course. We find our self in a new place with new rules we do not understand. Like a falling acorn, we allow nature to cushion our fall, planting us where she deems fit.  It is best to no longer be attached to any outcomes as they have taken flight and now soar on their own. A doorway of ripening comes after a summer of fruitfulness. A seeded future awaits all. The summer solstice allows you entrance into a place of comfort for a few moments in time that stretches like a bikini-clad tourist.  The light increases every day from now to the solstice when it reaches a peak.



» Source » Channel: Gillian MacBeth-Louthan Gillian