Archangel Michael Responds to Nostradamus Predictions for 2018

archangel michael eraoflightNostradamus prediction:

​A great eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in Italy, killing millions of people.

Archangel Michael: I am afraid that there are forces at work within the mountain that are likely to occur. This, however, is preventable and predictable at the same time. All of Mother Nature is under attack from forces on your Earth, as well as forces outside of Earth. There is a great debate going on in the Kingdom of Gods and Goddesses about the spiritual forces within this particular volcano.

Mt. Vesuvius has a long history of eruptions, dating back to the time of Pompeii. Volcanoes on your planet were largely created by civilizations from outside of your planet as storehouses or storage facilities. This may come as a shock, but volcanoes are not as they appear. Inside Mt. Vesuvius is a boiling cauldron to be sure, but the cauldron is not volcanic material; it is instead a mixture of hate, poverty, enslavement, and greed. These are the combustibles that work to create any volcanic or seismic activity. The predictability of erupting volcanoes like Mt. Vesuvius comes from the eventual buildup of these emotional forces. When these forces or vibrations are no longer present on Earth, volcanoes will cease to erupt.

Therefore, it is imperative that mankind use his/her great wisdom to cool down the activity within this active volcano. Consider where this volcano sits: on a ley line connecting Saturn, Venus, and Mars to 33rd dimensional realities. Taming this volcano with peaceful, blissful thoughts and actions of equality will prevent any future eruptions. Said another way, the placement of Mt. Vesuvius is in capital real estate, much as there are places in your world where real estate is more valuable than others—this marking of where the volcano was birthed eons of time ago by the Hathors. Are you familiar with the Hathors?

Nostradamus prediction: Economic collapse including oil, food, and financial turmoil.

Archangel Michael: The earliest months of 2018 will see some instability in the gold markets, fortune markets, and in how monies are distributed. Some parts of the world will see this sooner than others, and some parts of the world will feel the effects of this more impactfully than others. It is a far cry, however, from a global collapse. Do you think for a moment that millions of light soldiers are going to allow darkness to win and to continue to manipulate your monetary systems indefinitely? Absolutely not. Every time the world cries “economic collapse,” it reverberates across magnetic fields—most commonly the North and South Poles—and collect there.

Thankfully, there are entrances at each pole to the Inner Earth, which is teeming with 5th dimensional pure Source beings in these civilizations to quell these fear tremors. In fact, if you imagine your poles as being the garbage disposals of your Earth, that would not be far from truth.

If you hear of change, embrace it; do not fear it or run from it. Do not hoard supplies for yourselves while denying your neighbor. In fact, don’t hoard anything for any reason. Hoarding and storing implies a reason to—a reason fueled by impending doom. Yes, the Inner Earth civilizations are working together to help mankind ascend into Oneness, but they also need your help. Many things your world is undergoing are natural change and growth. A butterfly emerges as it sheds its skin of a chrysalis, snakes shed their skins, elk shed their antlers, and horses shed their coats. Your world economy in 2018 will go through a process, shedding what needs to be shed for greater growth.

Somewhere near the midway mark of 2018, something remarkable will happen globally—the Federal Reserve Board, which controls the majority, if not all of the financial transactions worldwide, will itself collapse. This is time for celebration! The Federal Reserve Board has been sheltering criminals within its organization for a very long time. Most of you may not notice any changes, or feel any direct changes as a result of this. But we will. Rest assured, friends, that your world is getting closer to economic security and equality for every man, woman, and child in every land, regardless of the propaganda you have been fed. The process of restructuring the Federal Reserve Board will allow a greater number of people to get out from under debt and the oppressive energies of debt. Some countries will try and stall these positive changes; others will embrace them more readily.

What this means for future generations is that the term “collateral,” or having capital in investments, will change. It means that your world will become a society one day where monetary manipulation of the poor and the rich will not be visible. One day, black man, white man, yellow, and red man will stand together in financial equality. The disbanding of the Federal Reserve Board, or rather, those who presently reside on it, is the beginning of this great magnificent change. Do not think that this means that those who possess riches will lose them and those who do not will never obtain them—it means that the way and the means in which money is used to oppress your societies will continue to evolve to embrace Oneness. Further, one day your world will be made up of bartering societies and real free trade societies! Praise be to God/Allah/Source!

Nostradamus prediction: World War III involving China, Russia, and North Korea.

Archangel Michael: We are working to preserve peace in all lands. There are those who work to block us. They have agendas different than my realm. They see your world as something to conquer and destroy. We see ourselves in a fierce battle to preserve harmony. Harmony is the absence of war and strife. What can you do? Pray for peace. Demonstrate peacefully. Stop condemning each other. Unite, unite, unite. How does a wolf or a lion trap their prey? They work to separate it from the herd or pack. This is what dark forces do to disrupt unity—separate mankind from his brother, propagandize hatred and the like. Draw a circle. Make a dot in the middle and hang it somewhere noticeable to signify unity consciousness—Oneness. One with humility, one with sanctity (being holy), one with love, one with forgiveness, one with purity, one with Source.

I would suggest that WWIII has already begun to unravel. One could argue that the war I am speaking of began in 2012 with the rising of the sun and the stars and the moons of Venus. The galactic wars are coming to a close; therefore, your world wars will also be coming to a close. 2018 is a pivotal year for this closure on Earth. Do not give energy over to the ideas of WWIII. Do not give your power away, humankind, to falsehoods and fear! Use your magnificence to continue to build the lives you wish to inhabit—for yourselves and future generations.

In the wrong hands, technology can be seen as a world war threat. This is apparent to us. Some of you may have been victims or know souls who have been. In Biblical terms, WWIII is spoken of as the apocalypse. Mankind is far from an apocalyptic event in 2018—there is far too much goodness and light being anchored on your planet now. In its truest sense, the word apocalypse means transformation. To this I would agree. 2018 will bring about transformation. Many in government power will lose their power. Atrocities against mankind will be unfolding and brought to light and many will stand trial by their accusers. Many of the Illuminati members will die and not ascend to Heaven before receiving a blessing.

Nostradamus prediction: A giant asteroid to hit Earth.

Archangel Michael: Before I examine this concept, may we say a prayer?

Holy Mother God, Holy Father God, release us from fear
Embrace us with love and comfort us with hope

At no time in the immediate future of your Earth do we, the collective of archangels, see an asteroid hitting and destroying your planet. There will be, however, over the next four to five years, debris from space shuttles that will disintegrate and fall back into the Earth’s atmosphere. This will cause some local weather disturbances, but the fallout will be minor in nature. This will be forward in time.

While many in your scientific community are watchful of cosmic events, many are also sleeping or have been sleeping. Some of them appear to have forgotten the purpose of space exploration or have been contained by those in high authority to keep their mouths closed to certain truths. The idea of an asteroid coming close to your planet is indeed true, but other more noteworthy endeavors are going unnoticed. For example, sometime in 2018 there will be a large burst of light in the nighttime skies over Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. This large burst of light will be like a shooting star but different. It will be an exploding planet, with a trail of light particles behind it stretching for miles.

What causes a planet to explode, you may be asking? Is it an asteroid or something else? And what planet is it, angel?

This explosion may be unnoticed for a large part of 2018. In fact, it may not be until 2019 that it is documented and recorded. Why is that? Because there is something called a time continuum in space. What this simply means is that time is matter and yet, matter in space weighs differently than matter on Earth. Because of this, time will be condensed and, therefore, the experience of this will be warped. You have heard, perhaps, of a time warp?

The planet is a small one and will be intentionally exploded in battle during a galactic war. The Pleiadian Alliance or Federation will overtake this planet, which has no inhabitants, but has served as a satellite observation station by those forces working to undermine Earth and Earth’s inhabitants. If you can imagine something like a spy station in the sky, this is close to what I am attempting to describe. This will be considered a victory!

Nostradamus prediction: Advanced animal-human communication through new technology in animal language.

Archangel Michael: There are many exciting concepts to share in this area for 2018, 2019, and 2020 especially. The next three Earth years will find explosion in these areas of animal telepathy and communication, as well as plant communication. Too many developments, in fact, to detail them all.

I expect there to be about a hundred new or newly rediscovered ways to communicate with the animal population. Some of this will be done by voice activation. What does this mean? It means simply that technology is already present that allows a sea lion, for example, to emit sound frequencies into a device that registers the sounds into patterns. Software has been developed now to process these sounds, assign a code to them, and the codes convert to language.

We may thank the light beings for this advancement, specifically the Arcturians and their technological hierarchy soldiers. Marine life was chosen first as a general specie because they are already holding many of the ancient codes to Atlantis. Dolphins, too, have been recorded with existing software that transforms the sounds into language—it’s no different, really, than translating from one language to another, as you may do from French to Portuguese or Latin to Swedish.

This software will become mainstream by 2020, so much so that we anticipate great advancements in what young souls in education are exposed to at an early age. My estimation is that by 2025, many children will understand the language of zebras, dolphins, sea lions, sharks, eagles, dogs, and cats as technology simplifies this and places it in the hands of the masses.

The animal kingdom has been preparing for its role in ascension for a long, long time. Many of the jeweled insects—meaning the bees, wasps, hornets, and other winged insects—continue to evolve themselves as well and are doing so in their own ways to create superhighways of telecommunication. Superhighways of sound, whereby tones unheard by the human ear lay on their wings, as if carrying luggage. Why and how is this possible? As your world is increasing in frequency, so are the insects. They are literally carrying healing codes on top of their wings or on the underside. When they land, their intelligence guides them how and when to disperse the healing codes.

Are healing codes considered language? Absolutely! Many plants will be recognized in 2018 as also being capable of communicating languages and more people will learn of this. Also, human beings’ desire to communicate telepathically with the animal and plant kingdoms will grow exponentially. Talking to one’s houseplants to increase their vibrancy will be as common as speaking to a toddler.

Nostradamus prediction: Humans will live to be up to 200 years of age and 80-year-olds will look like 50-year-olds.

Archangel Michael: We have been working toward this evolution within mankind for over 350,000 years, since the earliest of times. Revolutionary advancements have been more recently made in the last 300 years, with more advancements heightened dramatically over the last 10-15 years.

Do you know, dear ones, that souls in other dimensions have life spans into their hundreds, easily? Do you also know that the Telosians living in pockets on your Earth, but most noticeably underground Mt. Shasta, California, have a healthy lifespan of over 600 years?

Also, many so-called “lost” civilizations, such as Lemuria, Atlantis, and others were referred to as ageless. So, you see, the concept of present human aging is not a new concept—what is newer is the world’s coming of age, as we call it.

How is this done, you may ask? It’s done through a variety of means. Gene splicing is one way, removing implants is another, purifying all toxins is another, and elevated thinking is another.

The removal of implants allows human and animal cells to return to their original God state, free from disease and dysfunction. It is not impossible for mankind to easily live into their hundreds and beyond, pain-free and without decay, as a result. This will be your world in 20 to 30 years. Some are experiencing this now. Systems like Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM allow for this possibility to occur sooner than later by also restructuring the mind and by removing any additional implants there.
Elevated thinking is not a new concept either. What one thinks, one becomes. We often say, where there is peace and calm there can be no illness in the body. Implants were placed within the genetic composition of humankind by the Annunaki, a war-like civilization determined to overtake humans by suppression. This, however, does not mean that souls who have not had their implants energetically removed or transformed are not capable of long healthy lives, but they are the exception rather than the rule.

The number of souls advancing into later ages is staggering. Here is some information to consider: in 2018, we expect a 25-30% rise in souls on your planet to live into their 80s-90s, many disease-free. Somewhere between 2018 and 2025, 50% of the world’s population will live commonly into their hundreds. Just imagine!

I hear your collective thoughts rise now. What about all the people living in poverty, angel? Surely, you are not including them? What about diseases like cancer? Surely, you are not including these souls, are you? What about chemtrails, angel? They are polluting our air, our land, and our bodies with chemicals like aluminum, barium, and lithium. Reports of respiratory conditions are increasing, not decreasing. What about genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? Are scientists really looking for a cure to cancer and other diseases?

The White Brotherhood of Light is aware of these things and more. We, they, you, and everyone is contributing to the eradication of these harmful effects by working more fully with healing energies, by waking up through increased awareness, by envisioning the world you wish your children to live in and taking action.

We, the collective of archangels, anticipate the chemtrail markings to diminish, starting in the latter half of 2018 with more movement in the years 2019 and 2020.

The select few who control everything on your planet continue to crumble and fall. More news of crumbling will be learned in 2018. More advocates for healthy life and goodness will rise from all sectors of the globe. And as far as global poverty goes, we have millions of light councils within the Earth globally repairing underground tunnels and battling dark forces there. We are also working and winning in cosmic battles.

Friends! Do not be manipulated into believing that the world is nothing but hatred. This is what you are being asked to think. Do not be manipulated into believing that the Illuminati will continue to thrive. Look what is happening recently: uncovering pedophiles and dark worship. In addition, much more light will come into fighting large conglomerates whose main aim is greed—to keep impoverished people in poverty, and those in disease to stay in disease.

With the ascension energy, the weeds will be trampled down by the footprints of love. There will be no more cancers, no more infectious diseases, no more heart disease, and very few premature deaths.



» Source » Channel: Kelly Hampton