Universal Mother and the Fairies: Cycles of Newness

time to wake up eraoflightWe are the fairies of old who have surrounded and support humanity quietly for eons, and we wish to have our voices heard once again; for all is unhinging and we like that analogy very much for as we see with open, awake eyes, we see that humanity has been asleep too long, locked up and away, isolated, in the prison of their own making and we see this as being ridiculous to continue this game and to allow the walls, the doors to unhinge seems like a good idea at this moment of this ever present Now where all is unfolding, breaking, so that the waves of change can rush in and make everything anew once again!

For there are cycles of newness in this universe as you know. We fairies keep time, the whales keep records, we fairies, some of us anyway, like to keep time for we find it fascinating that you humans are so addicted to it, and we fairies ask you, “Why is that, please, when you can create the reality that you wish?” Isn’t it time humans to make up a new game for yourselves and ourselves so that you can get young with aging and wiser and your wisdom is not taken from you through old age and drugs but rather you are expanding into your age ~

And we fairies see you expanding now into the new age of Nova Gaia as the great mother rocks back and forth and births a new world for you all awakened ones to explore and enjoy and bask in the new reality that you are birthing; for you humans – you light workers too – are birthing along with the mother and we see this for we fairies love babies! and newness of life, and we are nurturing and kind to the new creatures for they are a part of the mother, our mother of all things and we are warmed with the love that we see between you and your little ones.

We fairies like a good story and you humans are providing many stories for us to learn from and to enjoy together listening and re-listening – for we are all around you comforting you, providing whispers on the wind, and we ask you if you are listening to the flowers yet because they have a lot to say to you! And we long for humanity to stop and to listen to nature again for in so doing you will hear the fairies voices of wisdom and of truth and you will hear your own inner voice as well, if and when you but stop with that of the hurrying around and listen within. That is all for now. We are the fairies and we are delighted to be reunited with the awareness of our human friends again; we are the fairies ~

~ ~ ~

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. Feel my breath move through and around each of your cells as you receive this most pleasant / delightful upgrade. Change is on the horizon, change is coming, change is here. All of these statements are true, children. All of them. And you are a part of this. You are a part of this greatest change of energy in the universe, the linch pin. For there other worlds to take notice and follow suit, for this sector is in process of recalibration, of liberation from the dark energies. And I hope you can feel in my words how grateful and joyous I am for this to be occurring now, in your Now, and children, your fingerprints are all over all of this and it blesses me, it blesses the omniverse, and I thank you.

I am speaking to all of you now individually, and am sending you individual energetic codes of encouragement for you are so weary and your journey so long. You have been faithful to me and to your codes of conduct that you promised. And your life plans are unfolding nicely as you unwrap them layer by layer, like a large exciting birthday present with many layers of paper. Such is your life, if you look at it in this way. And I warms my heart, children, for many of you are becoming more childlike in your enthusiasm and there is no greater gift of creativity to the universe as the creativity and imaginative potential of a child.

Create. Create! Create freely without reservation, with abandon, create in love and all good things will come your way. For love is the vibration, the fabric of this universe, it is the structure underlying the creation of all things that the dark cannot take away or un-structure. As much as they have tried, they have failed, and always will, for love is the key to everything. And that is why, children, that you must love deeply, fully, completely, your wounded parts of yourself that you would rather cry, scream and avoid. Now these must be healed in love. It is time to heal yourself and your past pains in love and in so doing you heal the collective and thus the world.

Healing is my gift to you tonight, inner healing and the courage to do it can be daunting, tricky business. Would you like my assistance as you explore? Blast light and love, children, to all of the dark places of the world, of the recess of your memory, of your past pains. Send my love, my never ending eternal flame of divine love that is now permanently embedded into the framework of Mother Gaia as she ascends. And as she ascends, so too, do you ascend upon her. This is really happening children. This is your moment to shine, to love, to be me as you, for we are all one.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. I see through you, in you. I am the cosmic breath that sustains you. I am love. As are you. It is time for you to but remember me and remember your true eternal loving and lovely god self that waits no longer for your re-discovery. Create with love, through love, always with love.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. I am that I am. Say these with me children. Affirmations are powerful. They ignite your codes! As does toning. It is time to remember your ancient trainings at the mystery schools and tap in. It is all within you waiting to be rediscovered and remembered. The fairies remember, they were there. The elemental kingdom works tirelessly to balance the harmony with humans and nature. It is indeed time to restore this balance. Outer balance begins with inner balance. That is the first lesson. Do you remember? Ask me to remind you, children. I am always here for you.

I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of all things. I love your sticky fingerprints, I love everything about you. I am you, children. You are an extension of me. Bask in my waters. Feel my glow of healing as we shine the light together. I am the Mother of all things, and you are my children. What does that make you? (Smiling) Breathe in my breath. Feel my light envelope you and be comforted.



» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl