Horus: Cycle of the Sun and the New Paradigm

horusI Heru, speak through the heart of my Beloved to the Hearts of you all.

I speak this day to you all dear Brethren of the Light that have come forth this time to bring about change upon your Planet Earth.

For I come forth to bring you the Cycle of the Sun of which upon this Hour we are now shifting further into a New Paradigm, a New Earth and a New Golden Age. This shift is a journey of preparation and of purification.

I have spoken for many Eons and have lived and experienced this path over many Eons with many of you that are experiencing this great momentum.

I come to you from afar, from a distant place not of your knowing, not of your shining sun or system, not of your awareness, not yet. And here I am, watching the sun come into your world, bringing the message of love, the teachings of the One, I AM.

Never have I been alone, and not now. We come at intervals when the planes are thinnest, when the planes are wracked with change, and we can reach through and touch those reaching up. And here we come again. And it will not matter that all will not see. It only matters that the message comes.

For this is how the vibration changes and humanity evolves.
There is a singularity occurring. It is a pinpoint upon a star. We bring it into this world along a beam of light that you can ride its understanding and that your lives can change when you reach out and touch the message.

And though critical mass has been reached, still there is doubt, still there is uncertainty in the masses. Still the everyday occurrence that is the everyday living prevails. And it must. It must for some for this is how they will live in the world in this cycle and the next, and the one after and the one after that. And that is their way.

And there are tiers and tiers and tiers of layers. And each layer reaches down and lifts the other up. And this can only be done through the seeing and through the knowing. This can only be done when each tier reaches a vibration enough to sustain the knowledge of that tier.

And then there is a rippling, a leaking of sorts, and the knowledge of that tier gets passed down. It ripples into the world of the tier below, and each being along that plane, along that vibration listens and sees, and their molecules change and their energies shift and light brightens in a way that vibrates differently. And then again they reach up and out and to one another, and link arms and sentience.

And this is how change occurs. This is how the Knowing, with the capital K that my companion uses in our teachings, this is how the knowledge is disseminated, how it grows, how it is understood and how it effects change; change in the cellular system; change in the microcosm that reflects change of the macrocosm occurring beyond. Each tier rippling down, a waterfall of change. One cannot be effected without the other. Each is reliant upon the other. One does not exist without the other. It is a cascade of Knowing, a cascade of understanding. And this effects being in the world. Do you understand?

When you listen, when you enquire, when you reach up, an energetic spark occurs. It filters through the veil. The ones unseen and those who are around, they reach in and they provide answers to you in your imagining, in your dream, in your awareness, in your unconscious states. And here your self, the one who is not always in the being who is in the carnate being, that self recognizes truth. And that self brings that truth into the world. And that truth touches another being. And it causes an on-going effect. And this is what we call evolutionary change. Yes it is.

My coming through my companion is reaching through into the world, and all whom she touches, all whom she vibrates with, are changing. They will ripple out and they will change others. And so it goes.

And it is not always felt, and it is not always understood. It is not always in the manner of our making or your making that it comes to be. We can only try. And it is not always successful. But this is what I tell you now: it is continuous. It continues to come like a wave upon a wave upon a wave into the world. Each wave is different. Each vibration upon the wave is different. Do you see? The yellow is effecting change different to the blue, to the red, to the crimson, to the white. All different. All different. This is how it is and this is how it goes.

And each change, each vibration, each ray in harmony with one another, is part of the whole, part of the one that is only knowable when you come to look at it. When you come to turn around and see that being within, that being that I referred to, the one that comes into the carnate being occasionally, when thought about, when reached up, when Known, then it is that the I AM steps forth. And mighty is that being in the world. And mighty is the current that that being flows through.

For in this Knowledge that is coming through is the Sun of your own Divinity, your own Likeness, your own Brightness. For when you connect deep within your own Divinity your Essence is revealed, your abilities and attributes that you have learnt throughout the journey of your Soul unfolds. This is how it is.

We have shifted many Planets and Star Systems in this System of Worlds and all is as planned for this now – for this day – For this is a time of Reconciliation and Great Balance.

We have now reached a time of greater understanding that we bring forth a manner of shifts in this system of worlds to raise the energy and vibration of your planet and as the vibration increases – humanity will shift and heal and come forth into a greater sense of awareness, a greater sense of Divinity.

I come forth to you all at this time of great revealing, for in this great time of revealing all is revealed in the Light, all is revealed in the Energy of Light.

Many ascending Souls at this hour are connecting with time frames and it will be from these time frames that many Ascending Souls will speak of their Truths. For all is being revealed at this time.

Dear Ones embrace once more the Energy of the Sun and of the Moon for it is this that is now being aligned to draw upon the balance upon your Earth, The Threefold Trinity Transcends all balance within this system of worlds as we now enter the Great Portals that have been opened once more.

Over the coming months upon your Earth many Souls will find themselves entering these Portals of Great Balance to align and reconcile all individual timelines to gather strength and abundance for the paths that lie ahead.

We embrace once more the progress of your ascension and we embrace once more the current wave that is now taking place upon your Earth igniting many Souls to a Higher State of Consciousness.

I leave you with love, compassion and great encouragement.

I AM Heru and I speak through Elaine this day.



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