Ascended Master One Who Serves: GCR, Trump, QAnon and the Galactics

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Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

One Who Serves here. [Someone excitedly interrupts saying she “was wishing that you’d come today”.]

One Who Serves come today? We are always here! We are always here to be with you. [I was hoping to hear your chanting and you did it.] Yes. Very good.

We like chanting and we know that you also will begin more and more to enjoy the chanting as well. Not so much the chant that you just heard now but the chants that you have spoken of earlier, the Lemurian chants as you are calling them. They are from the mother tong. They are from the mother tong and they were spoken in those times, in those ways, to bring about frequency changes all around them so that those records as they placed them into their secret places, that they could be protected for many thousands of years.

And these records have been protected for many thousands of years. Not only in this place where you first go but in other places as well as those times come forward and you have unlocked the secret of the frequencies that are needed here. And you will understand this more and more as you come closer to your time in going there as well as when you find yourselves there at that point. Much will be given in those times ahead.

But on other things to speak of here, not only the expedition to the craters but other things here are important as well. You are moving into an understanding.

Each and every one of you are moving into a new understanding. Understanding of yourselves, knowing of yourself, but understanding of the world as well. Understanding that as St Germain said you are the world. You are the light. Each and every one of you. We are all the light. We are all the One and we are all coming together as the One. And at times in the future you will find that everyone in the planet, if you can even begin to imagine the possibilities here, but everyone will understand this.

Can you imagine that you will be in contact with people all over the world and they will all understand this concept?! The Oneness?! Can you imagine what that will be like to the world, to the people of the world?!

And not only to the people but to the animals and the plants. We all are One. You will be able to speak to the animals. You will be able to speak to the plants. You will be the Doctor Doolittle that you have in your fairytales. You will be able to talk to those animals and they will understand what you are saying. And more importantly you will understand what they are saying. Because right now — I’ve got news for you here — they know what you are saying or rather what you are thinking, thinking and feeling. And they can, through their use of telepathy — and they are far advanced in this than the human condition is at this point — but they understand telepathy. And you, those of you are coming more and more to understand this as well, as you are finding that you are able to, through your, to your fellow brothers and sisters, (other people I am speaking of here,) where you think something and they immediately think it or say it after you.

This is happening more and more and will continue to happen more and more as these gifts of spirit become more and more a part of your lives.

They were once a part of your lives in, certainly, the Atlantean and Lemurian times and it was lost through the dark ages, as some of you were able to continue the secrets, continue to work with the mysteries. Whether it was in a monastery or whether it was in a coven in terms of the witch’s coven. Not in terms of black magic but white magic. Those of the Druid societies continued the mysteries, continued working with nature, continued working with the understanding that All is One. Coming together with the plants and the trees and the animals and everything being as the Oneness. This is where you are coming back to all of you. And this is what is ahead for mankind at this point.

We are ready now to entertain your questions. That is a good word we would use here: entertainment. Entertain your questions. And we will, hopefully with entertaining answers as well.

Q & A

Q:  [Emailed question] President Trump approved a space force as part of a new military branch. How does that relate to the Secret Space Program or the Galactic disclosure?

OWS:  We can tell you that it is a grand opening to this. It is an attempt to bring out into the open this idea of space. Not only the final frontier, but space as you are moving into it and understanding it. And more and more will come to understand that this is a viable undertaking and movement toward, not to leaving the Earth but exploring beyond the Earth. Exploring the other planets and the solar system and even out into the galaxy. And all of this is a prelude or precursor to that. But it is also an opening to be able to share about what has been called the Secret Space Program.

And yes there is a Secret Space Program. Not so much secret to all of you but secret too much of the planet. Much of the people here on the planet are oblivious to this idea of that there has been this Secret Space Program for some time. But it is an opening to this and it is a way to bring this about gently. Not with a lot of fanfare and huge announcements saying yes, you are not alone. Well, when you hear that certainly you are all going to say, ‘well we already knew we weren’t alone. We’ve known that for some time.’

But it is as we say here and opening into a grander announcement you can say but not great announcement because it will be more of a gradual understanding that is going to come forward. But there will be an Event. There will be various mini events leading to a main Event that will open this wide open in this whole understanding here. It will also come along with the various truths that are being revealed now in the area of your various human trafficking and all of these kinds of things that have been going on for some time. But this is going to be revealed as well. As well as the corruption in your governments and all of these things are coming forward now and will be revealed. It is all a part of the truth shall set you free. Okay?

Q:  St. Germain was talking about the time is nigh and I think all of us on the calls and all of us in this group feel that. And I know there’s going to be a lot of amazing changes and we all want to help our fellow man and the Earth and Gaia. Is the currency reset/the reevaluation part of all these changes that are coming this year or soon to help us to help the planet? Is that part of it?

OWS:  We will certainly say your second word there, “soon”. And we say that, though, what is you’re saying here, tongue-in cheek. (Is that you’re saying here?) That we say this with joyfulness and some laughter here behind this because of your soon. When we say soon it is not so much your soon as you know it. And you know we cannot give the date of this because we do not yet know when that is going to be. We do not know the hour of when the “master cometh again” as you heard in the earlier reading here. [In the session prior to the channeling.] We do not know this and even if we did know this we could not give it directly because it is not for us to give.

But, with that understanding know that everything is nigh as St. Germain said. It is very close. You are coming to the point where many things are going to come together, many different things. You are beginning to hear rumblings of these things coming forward in your various intel that is coming forward in your QAnon, as we understand it. And other things that are being brought forth that are coming to reveal that the understandings that have been held back for some time but are being revealed now little by little here and there.

And as it continues to do so it will be like an avalanche that begins slowly. When an avalanche begins it begins slowly as a rumble in the background. And it begins to rumble forward and gains steam, as you would say, or gain momentum. And the avalanche continues to come down the mountain and takes the trees and the buildings, whatever is in front of it, and it continues to gain more and more and more momentum. This is what is happening now. You are in the process, in the beginning of that avalanche coming down. Or has also been spoken of the dominoes falling. There has been a domino that did fall. You may not have been fully aware of it but it did fall. It was a smaller one, you might say, but it is the beginnings. It is the beginnings that will lead to the next domino and the next one, or the avalanche gaining more and more and more momentum. You see? Does this answer your question?

Q:  It does. And I really hope and pray that Trump has Galactic protection as well as military because people are wanting to kill him because he’s the bright light that is helping us get to this place. So I hope he is Galactic help.

OWS:  Well we can say certainly, since you have brought this up, he does have not only Galactic help but he has the Ascended Masters, he has much help much beyond what you can even begin to imagine at this point. Much more than he even knows that he has. There was an incident that occurred sometime not that long ago as we find it where they attempted to shoot down his plane. But that was thwarted as many of you know at this point. They attempted to take down Air Force One but it did not happen. And it did not happen because it cannot happen. He does have protection.

And you all have protection as well otherwise the cabal, those dark forces, would have done much much more than what has already occurred. Those of you know that their plan for whole world takeover and these things, and for the depopulation of the planet. All of that has been thwarted. Otherwise you would’ve had a massive pandemic, or you would’ve had a major war, or many other things that could have happened have not happened because that was the old timeline. That was the old paradigm as St. Germain said many times there. It is the old paradigm. It does not fit into the new paradigm with the new energies.

The new energies are love and peace and harmony and Oneness, and on and on. You see? So there is no place for war. There is no place for famine. There is no place for pestilence. There is no place for disease. None of this in the new higher vibrations of the new higher, of the new paradigm. Okay?

Q:  I’m blessed that you actually said about QAnon. Because many people really want to know if QAnon is real. Of course in my heart I know it’s real but there’s many who listen to the call who are unaware and probably misguided so it’s lovely to hear that you said yes QAnon is who QAnon is — the team — and they are of the light and they are spreading truth. So that was wonderful to hear that.

I’ve been a little bit perplexed because there’s been a huge rally in England for anti-BREXIT. It’s getting worse. And I thought what’s this? Is it part of the plan? Because it looks like in the television media that England wants to get out of this whole BREXIT deal. Of course we don’t want that. Of course we want to get out of the EU. So can you shed some light on that?

OWS:  The people want out. Or rather the people want to be in the BREXIT. The ones that are against it are the part of the European Union and those that are wanting the depopulation of the planet and all of these things; are wanting the takeover of the world and the subjugation of the people of the world. This is what is continuing. [It’s] wanting the old to continue, the old vibrations to continue, the old paradigm, the business as usual. They are the ones that are against the Great Britain leaving the European Union. And they are also the ones that are attempting to block others from leaving this European Union. But we can tell you now that the European Union as you know it and have known it for some time will not be much longer. It is going to fall because it is not a part of the new vibrations, the new higher vibrations. It cannot be. Because it is about derision and dividedness and all of these types of things. So be of good cheer. It is all going to work out as it needs to as things keep going along here. You will see. Okay?

Q:  My question is about the summer solstice energies. This week, the night of the 20th, I knew that something was going to happen so I was ready to encounter someone in my dreams but it happened in kind of in real life. At first that night I thought there was huge physical work done on my knees as if they were inserting a device or something in my left knee. And after that I felt a presence in the room and something like kind of energy — this is from my human perspective how I perceived it — someone on my bed. I have my sheets and blanket like tight on me and I hear the breathing really audible like the flight workers when they are breathing into their masks. It was as loud as that. I freaked out but I was at the same time not too much. I was telling myself: Stay in the positive. You have to stay in the positive. And it lasted for a few seconds. So I’m really curious about that presence and if there are any messages behind it.

OWS:  What we can tell you, and not only to this one who is asking question here but directed to all of you. As these energies continue to arrive here on the planet and continue to increase the vibrations, many of you will begin to have experiences that were not available to you in the lower vibrations. In other words you will begin to have experiences of seeing things, hearing things that would not have been there before or you would not have been aware of before. And you now, at this point, will begin to experience those metaphysical/ beyond physical understandings that will be available to you. And this is going to happen more and more to many of you in many different experiences. Whether you are in your meditation state or whether you are simply walking around outside of your home and you experience something that would not have, you would again, you would not have noticed before but now you will begin to notice it. And some of you will notice things that others around you will be unaware of completely. Certainly as you look at this skies in night and you see the many ships, you are seeing them. They are not seeing them. Those that are not ready at this point have not raised their vibrations enough, are not open to understandings beyond the physical here. They will not see them but you are seeing them. So yes, to the one who is asking this question directly you are seeing into other dimensions here at this point beginning that process. And it will continue the more you allow it to continue. You see?

Q:  I was of the impression that the light body was going to be sort of a physical body but that could hold enough light to bring it to the 5D dimension. And then someone else had said on a call there won’t be any physicality in the light body. So can you tell us a bit more about the light body?

OWS:  We can tell you that your physical body as you know it is going to shift and change and continue to morph, you might say, into a higher vibratory body. And with this higher vibratory body you will move more and more toward what you know or what you are beginning to understand as the light body. Your Merkaba light vehicle, your light body, all of these are somewhat one and the same. And you are moving to that. When you have fully gone through the ascension process — now we say fully gone through the ascension — when you have fully ascended you will then be in that light body. But it is a time coming now. It is not going to be an instantaneous overnight sensation for most of you. Some of you will experience this but it will be very few in the beginnings here as you move through this ascension process. And as you have heard before, many of you, the ascension process will go be in waves as it continues to move forward. Those of you will be, many of you will be the first wavers of this. It does not mean you will fully ascend but you will ascend enough so that you will understand what it is to be completely beyond the three-dimensional and even fourth dimension experience. And then you, those of you will decide to come back and assist those of your brothers and sisters to do as well. Others of you will move in the more second wave and then you will experience more of the ascension and may decide not to come back and be a part of this. May decide to go home as it has been said here. Go home to your various planets and systems where you came from originally. This is all a part of free choice which in some cases, those of you here on the planet now, those of you that we are speaking to, you have had free choice to do pretty much anything you have wanted to do but you have been held back also at a subconscious or unconscious level to be able to know that you had that free choice if you understand what we are saying here. Does this make sense to you?

Q:  Talking about the light body. I’ve often wondered when the kundalini rises is that ascension? I know it’s called an enlightenment but is that the same or is it different?

OWS:  That is a process within ascension as you are going through your transition. It is not the full ascension, no. But it is a major process or part of the ascension process.

Q:  Well what really happens to us when that happens as far as our vibrations and our knowing? What is going on?

OWS:  At that point when your kundalini has fully risen and it is happening at the point where it needs to, in other words you are ready for it, your body is ready for it, your emotional, mental and physical body are already and your astral are all ready for this kundalini rising, then you will be at that enlightenment point where you have realized that You and Your Father Are One. This is where Yeshua came to in his life when he realized fully that He and His Father were One and then he was able to go forward and do those so-called miracles. And we say so-called because they were not miracles as you will come to understand them but they are simply a scientific understanding of how to manipulate the elements, to work with the elements. Okay?

Q:  When I was meditating there came a phrase. First I was thinking it was a phrase in Korean language and I was repeating that phrase. But later on I thought it didn’t sound Korean. It was short phrases I was repeating. So I was wondering if you know anything about what happened to me.

OWS:  What we can tell you again about this type of thing is, as we said earlier to the other one who asked the question, without being fully direct here, you have to understand that more of you, many more of you will begin to have experiences that are beyond the three-dimensional understanding. And this was one of those such experiences. There will be times you have heard before of those that can speak in tongues or they can speak in other languages that they never knew before. This is an understanding. This is a coming to understand when you are finding that connection again, that reconnection we will say, with your higher self. And when that occurs then all these things become more and more possible. You see? It is all about the continuing to move up in vibration and staying in the higher vibration. Okay?

Q:  Okay so it means I was speaking something that I knew before?

OWS:  Very possible yes. That is very possible.

Q:  Can you please provide some illumination around what’s happening or not happening at the US border. Specifically can you offer any advice to us light workers as to how to discuss this topic with friends and family, how to convey perhaps that it’s being used as a mass distraction/division campaign by our power structure without dismissing the very real human sensitivities around the dynamic?

OWS:  Yes. What we can tell you is that there are our happenings there, there are those things that are occurring that are not of high vibration, certainly; they are of lower vibrations. They are of those that are continuing to try to divide the country here into the Democrats and the Republicans, and the left wing and the right wing, and all of these things that you have here. And they are trying to bring derisiveness here between those of you. Trying to divide the country as we say. And they are showing pictures and these things which are older pictures in many respects as we find it, that are not showing directly what is occurring now. And they are not of the one that is the President, the President Trump. It is not his doing. It is those that are trying to bring about these, holding on rather to the old paradigm as we keep saying here. On to the old business as usual. And again trying to bring this division here between those of the light and those of the darkness here. The darkness is continuing to try to hold on here and bring this across in their media and to show the world that, ‘see, this is Trump and see this is what he is doing. He is dividing families and all of these things’.

And it is not his doing. He is attempting to hold the borders here in terms of keeping the those that are not … let’s say those that are not ready to come into the country here trying to hold onto the borders and these things. This is not of the light certainly to do this but it is in some cases necessary here to provide the sense of security for those here in this country. As well as in other countries certainly as well, this is occurring. But it is a process that is happening here to bring about will come actually it will have the opposite effect as we are finding it because it will show the world that it is not the Trump that is doing this but it is those of the dark forces, the cabal. They continue to create this division … derisiveness — is that? How do you pronounce that word? [Divisiveness] Divisiveness, derision all of this, all of the same thing.

Q:  So what you’re saying is there will be some revelations to come that will, I think everybody most of the people on this call resonate with what you’re saying but for us in terms of trying to help our fellow brothers and sisters who aren’t quite awake to what’s going on, what you’re saying is that there will be some revelations that will help to expose this particular propaganda campaign.

OWS:  There will be. That is correct. And it is not up to you, though, those of you the light workers and warriors, to attempt to dissuade or persuade those others that are not ready for this. Let them have their understandings, their belief. And you just simply, when you have the opportunity, plant a seed here or there but do not try to convince them of anything. It is not yet time for that. It will come where they, you will not need to convince anyone. They will come to you and ask for your understanding. And many will say, ‘well, you have been saying this for some time and we did not believe you but wow, you were right all along’. And that will be music to your ears at that time. That is not quite here yet. Okay?

Q:  I wanted to see if you could confirm. I heard stories this week of people that have vanished and maybe ascended that are no longer here. I just wondered if you could comment on that.

OWS:  What we can tell you is this people ascending and this type of thing has been going on for some time, but it happened minimally here, you might say, here and there. Not in terms of a mass ascension. You, those of you are moving toward a mass ascension meaning, many people around the planet. Many millions even maybe billions at a time through those waves of ascension that we spoke of here. There will be several waves. It will not all be at one time. It will be a process as you are moving through this. And you are all now moving through this transition that is occurring; the transition that is a part of the ascension process. So if people are disappearing there are many different reasons for this. It could be that they are moving through their ascension but it could also mean other things as well. And some of this can be people disappearing. Children certainly disappear from time to time because of those nefarious operations that are going on which have been called the human trafficking and this type of thing, which will all come to an end certainly as the people of the planet become aware of what has been occurring, and become up-in-arms, you might say — not directly arms in terms of weapons — but up-in-arms that this type of thing could have been going on for so long and they will say then enough is enough. This will not happen anymore. And then it will come to an end when the people rise up and realize what has been occurring. And this will also come with the media. Your mass media will begin to shift and change as those in control over these media operations lose that control — and that is coming as well — and when they can finally begin to come out with the truth, the real truth. And this again, the truth shall set you free. Okay?

Q:  I had a rough week because the energies have been kind of bringing me to my knees. I’m trying to go through it as gracefully as I can but I go into my meditations and I ask questions and when I heard St. Germain talk today when he said zero point it jogged my memory because the meditation said to me, I guess it didn’t really speak to me I just felt it. And I’m asking you why am I feeling so lost right now and I can’t contact you, I can’t get in touch with you, and I don’t feel you the way I’m used to feeling you. And it came through to me, “You’re very spoiled. You rely on your mystical experiences to keep your vibration high and when you don’t get them you lose faith or you slip.” And I said, “Oh, you’re so right because I am spoiled and I’m selfish to even complain about it when all of us are going through this.” And I realize that there’s something more going on I don’t know about. And then I realize that on the high, we’re ascending very high even into new timelines. And it’s like we’re anchoring there. And then when we go back down and we drop back down to the old timeline we’re releasing so much of this density that we’ve carried with us for eons. And then I saw it. I saw this process going on and I’m going up and I’m going down but as I go up I go higher and I anchor higher which is really really good. But when I come back down it’s a release and it’s a process that’s going on. And I saw this process and I understood it and I was just so relieved because I thought, what have I done. I’ve done something wrong. And I realize no I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to do but I need to be more thankful and appreciative of the process. And can you address this for me please.

OWS:  Is there a question there?

Q:  Well my question is, is there a process we’re going through that as the light workers we are anchoring higher levels for everyone. And as we come back down to you know this timeline you know I feel like I’m moving up through different timelines and then coming back down but it’s necessary to do that to release the density so that I can keep ascending higher and higher. Did I interpret this information correctly?

OWS:  Yes. You are all going through the transition here. And as you move through this transition there will be different processes as you go through. And you are experiencing the going up in the vibration as we have spoken of many times, and anchoring the light, anchoring yourself in that vibration, the higher vibrations. And then when you come down from that it is as if you come crashing down back into the old paradigm, the old 3-D illusion into the denseness there and it becomes even more dense. This is why those of us the Ascended Masters, those of the Galactics, those of the Agarthans, they will not come down to your vibration because it is too low. It is too dense for them. It is like a crashing down for them. So this is why it has been said many times that you need to come up to their vibration. You need to come up and meet us and then we can come down a little bit to meet you part way. You see? You must come first to come up. So those of you are going through this transition and as you continue to go through this transition we have spoken before that the familiars in your life whether they be guides or comfort zones, those things which have held you in comfort, in the old paradigm, in the old programming, those things you are used to, they will fade away. And as they fade away they will be replaced by the new guides, the new zones you might say that are not quite as comfortable at least in the beginning. But it will shift and change as you continue to move up in those higher vibrations and anchor yourself there longer and longer and longer. Then it will be as if you are coming home and you will not need to drop down to those lower vibrations again unless you want to. Unless you are wanting to come down and help another to come up. You see?

Q:  I would like your input regarding the accuracy of resources of information. One is the book “The Pleiadian Agenda” by Barbara Hand Clow. And the others are two YouTube channels which deal with extraterrestrial races and those are called The Universe Inside You and the other one is called Mystery And Discover 6.

OWS:  And what would you like to know here? You have not asked the question here.

Q:  Well I’m just wondering about the accuracy levels of the information related in those particular YouTube channels and books.

OWS:  What we will say to you on this is to direct it to everyone here and the idea of your discernment. We will not say directly whether one book or one particular source is greater than another except in certain circumstances. But in terms of various books — and there are many thousands and thousands of books that have been written on extraterrestrials, on conspiracy theories, and all of these things that are out there — and it is not for us to say whether this one is good or this YouTube channel is good or whatever it might be. It is for you to determine that. It is for you to discern that. So if you resonate to it, if it feels right to you then it is right. This is how you can understand and use discernment here. If it feels right it is right. If it does not feel right, if it does not resonate within you then put it aside. It is not for you. You see? So always and in all ways use this discernment. This is what this entire portion of your lives is all about, this entire process that you are going through, this transition you are going through is all about coming to discernment. And coming to understand fully that you need nothing outside of yourself. Everything comes from within self and from your higher God self within self. Even to the point of these channelings. It is wonderful to hear us, we are sure. You enjoy these conversations. You enjoy these discourses that we bring forward, these messages. But it is most important for you to take these messages and then take them within yourself and realize that it is all… all the answers are already within you. We are just providing the guidance here, the nudges here and there to help you along to help you finally realize that you are, have always been connected to your higher self. You have never not been connected to your higher self and you are already One.

And as we say many times be the One. And we say this: be the One because many of you do not yet realize that you are already the One. All of you need to be the Neo in The Matrix. You see? The One.

We are needing to release channel here now.


And before we do, continue in your ways that you have come to understand, the various tools that you have been given whether it is the Violet Flame, whether it is working with crystals, whether it is the Merkaba light vehicle, whatever it might be, various meditation techniques, yoga, shamanism, whatever it might be. All of these are tools that you have at this time to continue to work with. And to continue to bring you that understanding, that final understanding that you and your Father are One … and have always been One.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


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