Heavenletters: A Visitor’s Visa on Earth

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, I, God in Heaven, host you to life on Earth. You are here at My behest. You are My Dear Guest on Earth. You are My Oneness wrapped up in One. You join Me as One in Word and Deed and Love, My Dear Friend, the Most Dear One of One, dear friend to Me you are.

There are exceptions and concessions on this visit as there are on visitor visas to all lands on Earth. You carry what may be called an extended visitor’s visa; however, you don’t stay here on Earth in the same body forever. Just the same, you may be sure, with all your heart, that you are here as long or as short as the length of your life.

Earth is dedicated to you. You are Earth’s keeper. Know deeply how welcome you are to life on Earth. I keep a helping eye on you. May you well know the bounties that are yours on this plane of life and dance for joy of it.

Yes, the day will come when you will turn in your lease on life. I ask for a gift from you – for your understanding to all. Your understanding makes all the difference in the world. Without understanding, you may feel like a bare twig on a tree. Understanding is one of the greatest talents you have. As you grow in understanding and acceptance and gratitude, you share your heart. You see more keenly what life may be like for another. Now you know more of life on Earth.

What may have struck you as illogical before – perhaps actions and attitude from another that you only knew to push away – now you may have a greater grasp. You come closer to getting inside another’s heart. You see more clearly the depth of the milk of human kindness that waits in your heart. You see farther now into another’s heart. When you see deeper, you naturally reveal greater love, and a more true bond of friendship rises.

When you have understanding of another who has gone through high and low tides, so are you better understood. In truth, now put your arm around others’ shoulders.

In truth, there is more to behold in everyone, young and old, than you may at first see. The fact is that no one who comes before you is a throwaway. There is more to see than you at first may see, as blinded as you may have been. The more you see, the truer the meeting of ways. It is good to understand and is so very good to be understood. Two become brothers. Two sailors on one ship become One. If life on a ship includes walking the plank, no one walks the plank alone. Perhaps it may come true that no one at all has to walk the plank.

Don’t think I try to pull pity out from you. No, no, not pity. No one is asking for your tears. Pity is a far cry from love. Love feels good and is good, whereas weeping and commiseration withhold honor. Standing a step higher than another seems more like making yourself higher than a poor unfortunate. Who feels honored by being a poor unfortunate?

Do good, certainly. To come from pity may extol you and thus relegate another who is pitied to seeming less than Oneness with you. Don’t feed pity on another. Feeling pitied may well make someone feel subordinate to you. I’m all for your caring and forswearing pity. Better to see everyone in merit and not pity.

How would you yourself rather be looked at?



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff