White Winged Collective & Andromedan Council: Your Ascension Process

dove of peace eraoflightWe are the White Winged Collective. We are observing you as a race of humans, ascending to the new earth. Your ascension process is a beautiful thing to behold. It is a rare occurrence when a planet and race collectively ascend into a new dimension. We are helping with the process and finding great delight in watching it all unfold. Many of you are knowing that you are ascending. Many of you feel the changes inside yourself. You can no longer deny that something is happening worldwide and inside of you personally. Please be aware of false messages as they abound. We see videos of ascension messages that do not list a name of the consciousness being channeled. They do not list the name of the person channeling the consciousness. Please use your discernment with these anonymous messages. We see the reptilian energies infiltrating messages and confusing many. We know how much you are longing to understand ascension. It seems that any message on ascension is accurate, but this is not the case. Many messages on ascension are inaccurate and even cause fear among the awakened. Dark entities feed on this frequency of fear.

Andromedan Council


We are the Andromedan council. We are so pleased to be a part of the human ascension. We are so happy to be helping many individuals through their personal ascension process.

We are helping both the star seeds from our planet and those who are not from Andromeda.

We love all humans and have no preference or belief that one type of race is better than another. You each are so loved and cherished by the nonphysical collective. You each are like shining and glittering diamonds. Each unique, each breathtakingly beautiful. Each shining in your own way.

We want you to know that the world is filled with love.

The universe is filled with love.

The galaxy is filled with love.

There is only love.

That is what is real. Love. Love is real.

Darkness is not real. It plays a role. It serves a purpose, but it disappears when exposed to light.

Do not fear darkness or dark entities.

They are fleeting and cannot withstand the light. You are powerful, strong, solid, and expansive. You are love and you are real. You are a bouquet of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers. You are a glistening snowflake that is perfectly formed. You are a star that glitters in the night sky. You are a rose with the most fragrant scent. You are all these things and more.

This world is magical, and you are the magic. You are the magic and the magician. You are the stem of the rose plant that feeds and gives life to many blossoms.

We could use many analogies to describe you, but it is sufficient to say, you are love.



» Source » Channel: Beverly Nation