Transforming the Carbon-Based Body and Brain

master kuthumiKuthumi: These new children are coming into bodies that are created in much less density through parents who hold a different consciousness than their’s. As they experience life in form they begin to participate fully in raising further the consciousness of the Earth plane. They do so with much greater skill and ability because they do not have the added task of converting a great portion of the carbon-based physicality of the body. The bodies that they are inhabiting look the same as the bodies you are used to seeing but they are not the same. There is a different configuration in the way the energetics are held. There is a different configuration in the way that they are able to sustain the templates of the first and second Rays of Creation and the Light frequencies that go along with that.

As these students progress and continue to escalate their consciousness through this course, their bodies are changing also. They have done a tremendous amount of conscious work with the chakra system and we have put in play several energetic components that assist in the transformation of the carbon-based body. This allows them to adapt more fully to the fifth dimensional state of consciousness and hold it very stably.

It is through the functioning of their new energetic chakra system that this change was able to take place. We reconfigured the lower chakras. We installed the El Shaddai and the Eye of Horus. We had them begin to use the Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh to solidify a state of consciousness that is very connected and very interwoven with the first and second Rays of Creation. The Color Codings were given from the second Ray. All of these tools and initiations helped not only evolve the consciousness but began to affect the way in which the dense carbon-based physical body was able to begin to shift and change also.

Now, this is not going to take just a month or two to accomplish and complete. It is not going to happen overnight. If they go to the doctor and have tests to see if their carbon levels or their denseness has changed it is not going to show up. But it will show up in their awareness and in their consciousness.

You do not have the technology at this time to measure how these changes actually take place within the physicality. It is not available. As these new, wonderful beings come in however, these things will become available. What is occurring here is the functioning of the physical brain itself. It is changing. There are openings in parts of the brain that will accommodate more Light and will accommodate the way in which the brain functions and also the way in which thought is thought. This is one of the key components that happens when the eighth chakra is opened to a greater degree. There is very little concern about creating negativity through thoughts as these centers are opened and used and the functioning of the brain has begun to change. Do you have questions?

Jim: Yes. We have not spoken really at all about the medulla, other than as being a part of the second Triad. Is that one of the portions of the brain that’s opening as this information flows down?

Kuthumi: Yes. When that portion of the brain is engaged more fully the thought templates from the Higher Realms of Creation and from Creator itself begin to be usable and digested, if I may use that term. Thought templates from the Higher Mind that are in the eighth chakra begins to be usable. They become digested within the system and are made very usable through the mental and emotional bodies that are now merged with the physical body.

Those things that originate from the Mind of God that were mysteries and incomprehensible that could not be understood begin to be usable, digestible, and understood. You can see that focus then makes that third Triad much more usable. The system must be rearranged and expanded in order to accommodate what is coming in through those axitonal pathways.

This occurs through that medulla center which is on its way to being more engaged. When that part of the brain becomes more functional then the ability to receive those thoughts and use them in the creative process is possible. It takes that medulla center to be open and functioning for that to occur. We will do this together.

This is a conversation between Jim Self and Master Kuthumi as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to recognize and thank Joan Walker for bringing forth the Teachers of Light to speak through her. With her contribution and collaboration the Level 3 course unfolded.



» Source » Channel: Jim Self