Heavenletters: Summertime, and the Living is Easy

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, make the most of life, of your life, and the gifts you are to give freely on Earth. You are deserving to give all you are worth to Earth and to all those who live on Earth with you as One. Sport around and abound on Earth for the joy of it. Blaze a path of joy in life. You are here – not for yourself – but to serve well on Earth as My devoted helpmeet. Have no other Gods before Me. My Will, not thine.

You are to be a friend to all and nothing less. Greet to Heaven all who cohabit the world with you. Move over a little and make life on Earth comfortable for everyone at the party. There is a welcoming required for you to give to all. Move over gladly. It is in service to Me that you welcome all to your door. You are My emissary on Earth. You are the One I have sent to make all welcome. Special courtesy is yours to hand out to your heart’s delight – and to Mine.

Serve My Will. Specialness is for you to give, and that’s it. You are a giver of God’s Will. Pass out Good Will right and left. This is what I ask of you in all humbleness. Be happy to give. No longer do you require assuaging of your ego. What use have you for the specialness of ego any longer? None at all. In Truth, you never did. Previously, you may have thought you had some need of personal embellishment.

You have no such fantasy now. Now you are aware that what you really are to give on My behalf. You are here to be true to Me and pass out God’s Card and to give again and again. You understand now what fulfillment feels like. No longer do you kid yourself that you are one big mojo. By now, you have given up ideas of grandeur. No longer do you play with ego as if ego serves you when you know now that ego holds no greatness for you. You cover a far greater radius in the world than ego.

You’re not sure when or how this happened. You do know that your ego got flattened out. You got out of it somehow once and for all. You have bigger fish to fry. You have more in life than sporting and supporting anyone’s ego – least of all your own.

This didn’t actually come as a revelation. It comes more like the way a cup of tea brews on its own. It is like you lean back in a rocking chair on the back porch. No longer do you have to sit front row center. What an easing to your heart this is. What a good thing it is to not have to hoard ego and simply serve.

You no longer have to come first. You are in no hurry. You can walk. You don’t have to ride in a tasseled chariot. Wonder of wonders, not at all must you. What a relief to be just anyone. No longer is there a hullabaloo about your importance.

What can you be missing when all of life is yours for the asking? Of course, you don’t have to make the headlines. Easy does it. You don’t have to do cartwheels to be magnificent. You can lean back and not have to be magnificent. Gain the idea that life is magnificent without any folderol. It is easy to acknowledge now that you never did need a drum roll, and you are glad for simplicity without fanfare. This is living life, and the living is easy.


One of these mornings you’re gonna rise up singing.

And you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky.



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff