Aya the Pleiadian Goddess Speaks on the Event

lady nada eraoflightdotcomMany Are Here From Our Star System

I Have Spoken With Many Of You!

In Love We Rise Together!

I Love You So!♥

Under The Red Rocks Of Sedona

As Well As All Around The Planet

Are Giant Quartz Crystals That Will Rise

And Act As Transmitters Bringing In Crafts.

You Will No Longer Be In Judgement Of Others

And There Will Be No Judgement Of You

Oneness And Love Will Be The Only Belief.

The Great Shift Of Awakening

Will Be A Time Of Love♥

There Will Be No Fear

For This Is What Was Taught To Control You

Now You Will Be Free!♥

You Are Love!♥

Many Of You Have Incarnated For THE EVENT

The Story You Have Chosen Is Sacred

Nothing Is Wasted. You Have A Purpose.

It Is Time To Remember. ♥♥

The Shift To SHEEN

Which Is In Sedona, Arizona

Is The Heart Of THE EVENT♥♥

Your Current Location Is Not A Factor

You Will Shift In Consciousness And Your Perception

Will Be Non Local.

Many Crafts Will Arrive♥

Others Have Always Been Here Observing

Watching Over You

Keeping You Safe

Loving You So!♥

Many Are Awakening Now♥♥

Others Will Awaken In The Moment Of The Shift

Your Higher Self Has Made This Decision

There Is Nothing To Prepare

Just Be As Loving As Possible And Let Go Of The Story.

Oneness Will Return To Your Awareness.♥

You Will Be As Individuals

But You Will Speak Telepathically And Learn

Many Languages From Other Stars.♥

You Will Enjoy This As You Remember!♥

Lightworkers Will Celebrate

The Victory Of Light!♥♥

It Will All Be Worth It!

Many Friends Will Gather

For Music And Teaching And Joy!

This Will Be Your Truth At Last.

You Will Meet The Pleiadian Collective♥

And All Ascended Masters♥

This Is The Celebration Long Awaited

In Love For You!

Fairies Have Not Been Real In Your Present Reality

They Were Created In Elohim With Others.

They Do Not Die Ever.

They Are Multidimensional Travelers

Close With Many Loving Races.

You Will Enjoy Them Again.

Soon You Will Travel The Galaxies In Body Form

And In Crafts Of Many Kinds

This Was Once The Way Of Life.

You Will Soon Remember.♥

You Will Soon Remember Your Sacred Power

Many Have Longed For Change And Felt Helpless

As The Ongoing Wars And Suffering Have Seemed To Always Be.

You Must Know There Will Be Only Peace Soon!♥

Let Go Of What Is Not Serving Your Soul

Make That Space Now For Yourself And Those You Love

This Space Will Soon Be Filled With A New Reality.

There Are Many Who Travel Astrally Now

But What You Have Forgotten

Is That You Once Did This In Body Form

We Fly This Way In The Pleiades If We Choose.

All Will Return To You!

Where Will You Be

When The Tones Begin

And The Sky Lights Up

As The Crafts Descend♥

And The Music Starts As The Animals Gather

The Energies And Densities Around You Now

Are Unseen To Your Eyes In This Dimension.

All Will Change Instantly And You Will Rediscover Your Gifts.♥

You Will Once Again

You Are A Traveler Of Light!

In This Moment You Forgot Who You Are!

We Are Here To Remind You And Show You!

You Will Soon Become Accustomed To Giant Peaceful Animals

That You Were Taught To Fear And That Have Feared You!

The Great Awakening Will Bring Peace To All.♥

You Are A Powerful Soul

Living A Waking Dream

Duality Has Created Fear

Awaken Our Beloved Ones!♥

AYA, Pleiadian Goddess♥



» SourceSource » Channel: Kabamur