To Vote or Not to Vote; Is There Any Question? Allow Me to Clarify

independent media eraoflight.comFor the longest time it seemed like nothing was happening. Years ago we patriots and Lightworkers were already tired of waiting and I published images like this…

… but we can’t complain that nothing is happening now, can we?

We are no longer waiting—we’re in the thick of it.

We have QAnon—the patriots’ “quiet revolution coach”—educating the masses and keeping them in the loop as to what is going on not only in America but globally, because everything is related. We’re all in this together.

There’s a reason the police, sheriffs and the military have been outspoken in support of President Trump and his cabinet. There’s a reason the FBI and NYPD have leaked images of Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin doing things to children that we don’t even have words in the English language to describe; images that had seasoned police detectives vomiting and seeking psychological counseling.

QAnon is affirming that we MUST have a “red wave” to wrest control from the psychopaths and return power to the People.

“To vote or not to vote” is not something we have the liberty of pondering this time around!

If Americans look around and see the massive change and improvement the current administration has made they hopefully realize that to refrain from voting for ANY reason is to throw all that back in the faces of those who toiled to break free of the tyranny of past administrations and the global web of control and manipulation.

The secretive cowards who ran the planet into the ground risk nothing because they pull strings from behind the scenes where we, the common people, don’t recognize their names or their faces. Their reign of tyranny is over, if Americans say it is—and make no mistake—the world is watching what you do now because their fate teeters in the balance.

America finally has a full-on President who delivers on the promises he made in most respects—and often exceeded expectations—touring relentlessly and addressing the People in person at rallies across the nation; telling it like it is.

He exposes the “fake media” and the treasonous Democrats posing as representatives of the People. He is renegotiating criminally unfair trade deals with multiple nations set up by those whose plan was to destroy the country and is bringing manufacturing and jobs back to America and Americans, and with them, hope.

We have the Hollywood El-ites and their snit fits—and this is astounding to me—calling for the “overthrow” of the government! Alec Baldwin actually said that. Did the FBI arrest him? Oddly enough no, but he got his own talk show—which unceremoniously tanked before its unholy baptism. Perhaps there are a lot of people who don’t cotton Hollyweird any longer.

You know what else is surprising? It’s crystal clear to many of us what is unfolding, yet there are still those stuck in the old 3D paradigm, parading around the Internet preaching, “Don’t vote, or you’re confirming you want to be part of the cabal’s system of government” rhetoric.

You’re at least six years too late with that advice and I have to ask, “What part of “we’re using their own actions and their own system against them” strategy don’t you understand? They just don’t understand 5D chess.

I don’t know if it’s fear talking, they’re uninformed, or they’re actually playing for the other team but there are many imposters on the Internet and my antennae are finely tuned and constantly twitching.

Yes, the election process in America in recent history has been conducted in the gutters to the point I felt dirty just listening to it—but I’m willing to bet this is the last election that will follow that recipe.

We are already hearing that when some folks check to ensure they are on the registered voting list they find they are NOT. Don’t wait until November 6th—perform your due diligence and leave nothing to chance.

The underhanded tactics of the bottom dwellers are everywhere but seek and destroy is not a tactic we wish to see our politicians using to conduct the process of establishing fair representation and administration.

We don’t really need “politicians”; we can evolve into a different system without “parties” with short-term representatives that only have the good of the People and the nation in mind. We can all join in our collective self-governance.

Unfortunately, much of America is still asleep to the deeper truth of the sordid state of affairs but they DO understand voting, and it can’t be changed overnight. This election is the most important one ever. You are at the brink of the cliff above a bottomless pit, my friends.

Americans MUST vote—and vote Republican this time around or they can kiss their country and their future goodbye.

Right now people are riding high on the red wave that Donald Trump and his inner/outer circles/backers/security have protected and fostered for well over two years. This wasn’t a last-minute strategy, although it may have appeared that way. That was part of “the plan” QAnon alludes to.

In truth, the Universe was turned on its ear to change things up in America; to educate and inspire The People; to pull them up! and out of their despair that anything would ever change; from the pain and indignity of their inhumane circumstances at the hands of lying, tyrannical sociopaths who only work for their own gain.

Now, great numbers of the People “get it”. They see the promise of positive change, and because President Trump has delivered on his promises and shows Americans that there is someone with the courage to go to bat for them and is hitting home run after home run at his personal peril, patriots are on the Trump Train—and they’re going to ride it all the way to the Promised Land—

—they vote Republican. It’s now up to them to reciprocate: to support the President and keep he and his people in office and in control. They are going to return the power to the People, which is as it should be.

This vote is your first test, America, and will determine if you are capable of governing yourselves. It will be the dip stick to show whether you are lacking the drive required to create a new and better society, and whether you are so full of complacency there is no room for a vision of a brighter future.

President Trump and QAnon have done their utmost to dissolve the disillusionment tarnishing the shiny, bright Light buried deep inside every soul on this planet. Do you hear the call to arms? The thousands of people at the MAGA rallies hear it. They are all armed with a pen and an X for their local Republican representative.

America, you don’t want to know what will happen to you and your country if you don’t shut out the demonic Democrats. What you do now will affect every soul on this planet and their unborn children.

You think it’s been tough in the past? You’ve barely seen anything that even hints at the world you will create if the psychopaths are in power. You don’t want to know what it would be like, and I don’t want to elucidate.

So many have sacrificed—and died—to turn around this country and the WORLD; to bring freedom, justice, honour, love, and peace back to Humanity.

Patriots have died recently to bring these gifts to America and our planet. Many live with threats every day. Republicans have been attacked and that is a mere taste of what awaits if the country turns cold and blue on November 6th.

The next step rests with America. If the People of this country do not seize the Republican seats needed to secure control and continue what the President and all those selfless people have done thus far, it’s over. You will not have a Republic, and you sure as hell won’t have a “democracy”—not the kind you think you want. You will have hell on Earth for every life form on it.

One does not support and honour the sacrifices made to date by abstaining from voting.

Voting THIS YEAR does NOT give away your power and award support for a corrupt regime—it INVITES IT! Voting Republican is the only way out of this swamp.

If you don’t make your choice you cast your vote for tyranny by default. Is that what you want?

No, the party system is not a good one, but it’s what you have and you must work with it one last time. A period of great change lies before us.

Are you aware that this overthrow of the evil entities on this planet has been attempted half a dozen times before? For a long time no one has stood up to the evil on this planet like President Trump and his supporters have—and if you blow this opportunity to oust the lawless, self-entitled, violent El-ites, no one ever will again.

You will have enabled the psychopaths and the satanists to seize control. They will do the unspeakable and it was all for naught. The end. This civilization is over.

You saw what happened to President John F. Kennedy and other American presidents. They failed to end it and protect you because they underestimated the enemy. The Universe is now at your disposal to make this happen, America. You have one last chance to save yourselves.

This is the end game. The stage is set, my friends. It has been lovingly set up for you so you cannot fail.

You have one choice to make and it’s a simple one. If you don’t vote, you are begging for your own demise by default. A blind and illiterate idiot can read the writing on the wall. Your move.  ~ BP



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