Mother Sekhmet: Dawn Of A New Enlightenment

mother sekhmetI am the Goddess Sekhmet, and I take my seat upon the place by the side of Amt-ur the great wind of heaven.

I am the Goddess of the Sun and the Goddess of the Moon and I have come forth to make all things manifest.

I am the aspect of the 10,000 Emanations that come forth to your greater understanding and I have in time and space taken the Role of the Great Divine Mother. I have formed part of the Great Trinity through time and Space.

I have birthed upon your earth bringing about a great dispensation of Love and of Healing and to bring about the fruition in the Rise of the Divine Feminine upon your planet to the hearts of all Feminine incarnated upon your planet.

i have come forth to bring a greater sense of Balance and Alignment.

Behold, brethren, it is a tide of great rising, for whence we have planned this great rising age after age… as we now move forth from this Age to Another…

We are now birthing the Dawn of a New Enlightenment upon your Earth and I delight coming forth through my vessel here upon your Earth to share with you once more a tide of great blessing.

Behold, I am the Golden Light of the Great Central Sun of this System of Worlds and all the Central Suns that serve the Universes within our Cosmic Sphere.

I do not just serve this system I serve many and have done so for Eons. And for those of you Souls that have been adjourned with this knowledge forming part of your Akashic Timeline shall be activated to this greater knowledge.

I am now working fully through the vessel from whence I speak for this vessel has been anointed with the Golden Light. This Vessel has been birthed as planned with the Divine Codes within serving the Lions Gate Portal,YHWH, Egypt and IS- RA- EL.

Templates upon Templates upon your Earth are now activating as we speak – we have done great work through the work with the Sirian-Orion-Pleaidean Collective and we leave you signs of great activation.

I am all things to those whom wish to see me… emblazoned with the Sun that cometh forth to the hearts who seek thee…

I grant thine dispensation of healing at this hour to the Souls of Children that have been trapped in warfare upon your Earth especially Yemen and the Middle East. Much work is carried out by dedicated Light Beings to rescue the Innocents!

I also confirm that Nibiru is within our Solar System and I have come through my vessel to confirm this over recent years and movements. It is the twelfth planet within this galactic sphere and a planet that sparks the ending of the old and the bringing in the new.

At this given moment Nibiru is in direct alignment with the Sun. This Planet has Healing Chambers and works in direct alignment with the Sun Solar and we are at this time upgrading the Healing Source Energy for this system of worlds working with the Solar and Lunar Energy Light Technology.

The manifestation of balance is the key for your Earth at this time and we are preparing to open Universal Gateways to manifest Balance and Harmonic Frequencies upon your Earth.

These Frequencies are on hand to all those of you who desire to embrace these frequencies.

We have heard your concerns dear children of the light and part of the free will dispensation upon the Earth we acknowledge that all Souls are upon their individual levels of connection to the Higher Light and Consciousness and this is not “an over night” process. We work at the pace of the Soul’s Evolution and understanding. And when the Soul is prepared to embrace the Divine Plan. The Structure of the Soul’s DNA Blueprint and Essence and Journey is unique and we work with the flow of that greater understanding. So dear children do not despair at your current level of understanding for all will be well and in any given incarnation it is a matter for greater learning for a Soul never ceases this greater learning.

We have answered the Clarion Call and the 144,000 within each and every Soul is activating at this time and it is for the Soul to answer that calling of greater awakening.

Many recent planetary shifts and forthcoming planetary shifts have been activating the Earth’s Ascension as well as many other systems and this will also have a greater sense of impact upon your personal journey and ascension as you connect with this energy and vibration.

Sounds upon Sounds radiate throughout this system of worlds at this time bringing about the greater sense of harmonic frequencies activating many Souls upon this hour. Children of the Light of the World around connect with these Sound Frequencies that come pouring fourth at this hour to activate and heal. Many Children of the Light have been blessed with the Language of Light once more for it hath been said of old that many Souls will be activated by the Holy Spirit that dwells within activating them to “Speaking in Tongues” that is of Light, that is of their Ancient Essence, that is from another system other than your Planet.

These activations bring about a greater sense of understanding that you are connecting with an Essence that is Omniversal and of a Greatness. To bring about a greater sense of Healing and Understanding to your Planet.

Chilldren of the Light of the World around I, Sekhmet, come forth at this hour to assure you all that we are working with all nations in Unity and we of the Councils of Light give no preference to Nations or Governments. This has been a perception of many upon your Earth. We come forth to give a greater light and dispensation to all Nations as we have a greater responsibility to humanity as a whole.

Our role is to sustain the planet as a whole. And in ancient times we served many countries and continents and we in the midst of activating many Ancient Time Frames and in this given time we are working with the Ancient Energy of Hyperborea and many Souls that have resonance to this Time Frame will feel the resonance of this Energy and Connection as they activate to this Energy.

Many Souls are working in the energy of Europe and Antartica and will be sharing much of their experiences.

All Nations in the New Root Race of New Earth shall participate in the New Golden Age and there shall be no Country upon your planet favoured for in the New Golden Age of Light – New Earth, for all Nations shall be as ONE.

For all shall rise as ONE.

The Fountains of the Sun hath activated enlightening to the Codes of the Fire and Water. For I enlighten my brethren to the Solar and the Lunar, Fire and Water. My Fountains hath activated…. in where you know to be …. Heliopolis and the other was in Siwa Oasis.

I AM Mother Sekhmet and I speak through Elaine this day.


» » Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio