Corey Goode Alliance Update: The Plan

truth rising eraoflightI received a brief update from one of my remaining original Alliance contacts. I was told that all of the lower level briefings and bridge calls had been shut down this week due to a new phase of operations. This further added to the disarray of the lower and some mid-level Alliance cells and assets. One of the most sensitive phases of the Alliance takedown of the cabal is said to have begun within the last few days to a week

The Pleiadians: Unique Encoding of Your Soul

The PleiadesWith gratitude and love we the Pleiadians come forth to greet you. We bring with us our energy, wisdom and activating energy to support your remembrance of yourself, truth and the Creator. We wish to connect with you from a space of remembrance of the Creator, in doing so our connection is instantly powerful, deep and meaningful

Divine Mother God: I Am Calling On You

divine mother eraoflightdotcomI AM your Mother God and I have quite the message for you to share with your Lightworker friends on this fair and cool evening. I am continuing my Tsunami of Love; sending love in waves and bursts to you, my children living on the surface. This benevolent onslaught will continue until all the dark entities are gone. They cannot

New Moon Re-balancing; Finding Your Center After Turmoil

full moon eraoflightAfter weeks of hateful rhetoric and violence, today’s new moon signals the opportunity for some fresh starts and re-balancing. The world is watching, after yesterday’s US midterms, to see how America will respond to the wake-up call regarding the need for an inclusive more heart-centered society. Record numbers of women winning election to Congress sends a message about

Dark Chocolate Is Good For Your Heart

fruits eraoflightChocolates are a guilty pleasure for many people around the world, but there’s nothing to feel bad about if you’re eating the right kind. Milk chocolate is the type that most people eat, but it is dark chocolate that is better for your health. The latter contains less sugar and is rich in beneficial nutrients, which is why many people now consider it to be a superfood. The darker the chocolate, the better it is for your health since this

Ex-Monsanto Team Leader Blows The Whistle On What GMOs Do To Human Health

gmoposionThe Facts: Caius Rommens was a director at Simplot Plant Sciences where he led the development of the company’s genetically engineered Innate potato. He is also a former longtime Monsanto team leader. He is now blowing the whistle on GMOs.

Reflect On: Does it feel like the pendulum is swinging in favor of information that expresses the long-hidden truth? Is propaganda from big companies being exposed