Heavenletters: Look Forward to Joy

heavenlettersGod said:

Beloved, what is all this about – the significance of dates in the world? Does this amount to bookkeeping?

One good thing about dates is when you genuinely look forward to an upcoming date – your birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or the 4th of July and the ramparts you watch!

Better yet, may every given day on Earth be a looked-forward-to event. What more can be as meaningful as looking forward to tomorrow or later today? This adds a little bit of spice to life.

If everyone were inspired to look forward to tomorrow with joy compounded on Earth like frosting on a cake and a good reason to jump out of bed with exhilaration – what a difference a day can make. Let’s start a trend.

Look forward to joy like a new mantra and uplift the Universe and raise the vim and vigor of life. Yes, leap out of bed and hail, hail, let there not be one more day of remorse in the world. What a lovely thing. This would be something to hop-skip-and-jump about!

How divine it would be to never hear the word “depressed” spoken of ever again by anyone. Ah, yes, you can be a stunning example of what Good Will can be. Never again would anyone feel like a cog in a wheel.

One day, somebody just like you will wake up with wonder to his or her delight:

“Whatever happened to feeling depressed? Remember that once upon a time? Whatever happened to rue and sorrow? Whatever happened to standing in line for a prescription? No more!”

Wow, you might not be able to stop bouncing for joy! You might do cartwheels. You would celebrate. There might not yet be anything missing any longer. For Heaven’s sake, joy to the world! Who would miss despair and trembling? Laughter would resound. Happy days would be here again, and you can have all the joy you want for the asking.

When joy is right out there ahead of you, no longer would there be anything ahead of you that you would call only fair to middling.

No one would ever have to say to himself or anyone again: “Stand tall!”

No one would stoop. All posture would be whiz-bang! There would be no lamenting.

If everyone enjoyed every minute of life, what illness would ever darken the sky?

Boredom wouldn’t be a passing thought.

When you say: “Joy to the world!” this is exactly what you would have.

It would be common for people to fly to the moon and land on the stars! Joy would be a permanent state. There would not be anything misbegotten.

No one would ever have to get out of trouble. In days to come, no inkling of trouble would be found. Trouble would be a foreign object. You would not scratch your head again with wonder about the concept of trouble. You would not comprehend any longer the concept of being crestfallen.

There would be nothing that would be too good to be true. You would know that everything you desire to contemplate will arrive in a thrice. You could know joy to be yours for the asking instantly.

If you dropped a bottle of milk, it would not spill. Even if it did spill, you wouldn’t cry over it.

Love would abound. Money would multiply itself. No one would be without. There would be sharing. There would be no bogeyman. All would be given to beat the band and to revolve the world and escalate joy, and why not?



» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff