Cheri: My Personal Ascension Role

quetzalcoatl lightbodyArticle 1. My Personal Ascension Role

Hello Era of Light family! I thought I would share with you a few articles in a series about my particular awakening journey, my amazing lightbody and the work I was soul contracted to do this lifetime specifically for the physical planetary ascension. I hope you find it interesting. I have not written about it before as I was a bit awed by the sheer magnitude of this experience I am having and embarrassed to tell anyone I was an incarnated ascended master for fear people would think

The Council: A Word About Your Priorities May Be In Order

ascended beingsAs you move further into the energies of this new reality that we have been speaking with you about, a word about your priorities may be in order. You will in fact begin to bring into manifestation many of the things that you have held to be impossibilities for so long. Many of these things were, in fact, impossibilities in the old paradigms. But huge change brings many new things into play that were only dreams

Experience the 11:11:11 Gateway Activations

7 chakras eraoflightThe 11:11:11 Gateway is amplifying! Not only do we celebrate annual year-end traditional holidays, but November and December include some of the most powerful cosmic events of the year. As you awaken to the shifting consciousness occurring on the planet, you start to notice repeating number sequences like 11:11, 12:12 and 12:21. These are sacred Ascension codes interacting with your awakening