Cheri: My Personal Ascension Role

quetzalcoatl lightbodyArticle 1. My Personal Ascension Role

Hello Era of Light family! I thought I would share with you a few articles in a series about my particular awakening journey, my amazing lightbody and the work I was soul contracted to do this lifetime specifically for the physical planetary ascension. I hope you find it interesting. I have not written about it before as I was a bit awed by the sheer magnitude of this experience I am having and embarrassed to tell anyone I was an incarnated ascended master for fear people would think I was bragging or not authentic. But I have since integrated huge portions of my higher Hilarion self as well as source or prime creator who I have come to know as the Mayan diety Quetzalcoatl. The whole universe lies within our DNA. We have DNA from all over the stars and from our indigenous ancestors who were the original starseeds here and created highly enlightened societies which we still see the remnants of today. I am caucasian of French and Irish descent. When we began to assemble the multidimensional DNA I had strands from two of the root races which were Oriental and Ethiopian. My ancestors were Mayan, Eqyptian, Etruscan, Incan, Iroquois, Kickapoo, Algonquin, Yavapai and Paute. I was told my soul was Arcturian but I also have star DNA from the Pleiades, Andromeda and Cassiopia.

I don’t have all the answers yet or a full understanding as we are all on this evolving journey together. But the fact that I am finally moved to write about it means that the time is right to tell some of my story.

Unbeknownst to me until 2013, I had a huge contract here as the Ascended Masters had a “Millennial Proposal” and plan developed before the fall of Atlantis to come back and assist the planet in ascending. My soul is Hilarion. My DNA and lightbody was ascended last lifetime. This lifetime I was gifted with DNA from Quetzalcoatl and after my shamanic journey I know why he is called the feathered serpent. This DNA comes from the ancient bird tribes. The feathers are literally the wings of my lightbody. The serpent is the kundalini. This Mayan DNA carries the lost knowledge of time travel. It has the ability to travel into multiple timelines. The plan was to reengineer, clear and collapse all these timelines of darkness and free the planetary body from the heavy density. During my vision quest which I will talk about in my next article, I connected with my ancient Indian ancestors and I had full clairvoyance into my own historical timelines before the massive cleanup work began which now moves way to quickly for me to spend time looking around! Absolutely stunning!!

When I close my eyes my lightbody unfolds about 60 feet all around me. There are thousands of feathers flying around me, turning and twisting as my consciousness flies through the ethers. The feathers are very quiet and extremely flexible, made from a material I can only describe as graphite. There are three large flaps in the front that enter into these multitude of timelines, extract the dark energy and bring it into the feathers. The feathers grab and spin the particles, reengineering them and changing them molecularly. We have restructured electrons, neutrons, bosons and photons mainly as these were the particles that were infiltrated within the Law of One framework. We had a huge problem with our solar logos. There were prisims among other things implanted in the solar rays to lessen our sun’s light coherence. It appears the earth’s core crystal was infiltrated and entrained by artificial intelligence controlling the frequency and resonance of the planetary body. After the molecular changes are made by the feathers the energy is returned to the appropriate timeline and the timeline is collapsed to planetary cellular memory. I feel like a one-woman celestial janitor (hahahaha!) or custodian since I have been doing this full time for 6 years, omg!! I am from the House of Ra. My job is to restore the planetary energy to the Law of One energy structure, restore the balance of the planetary architecture and clear the dense planetary timeframes of the destructive energy that caused the earth grid reversals.

Well I am hoping you find this interesting as I could and will write so much more about my amazing vision quest and awakening as well as what we are doing to clear our own human DNA and timelines. As the planet clears it is getting easier and easier for us to connect to our higher selves and various missions. Together we are getting this done on a massive scale. We are winning!! I love you all, thank you for reading this wild but true tale!

I finally found an amazing picture online of my lightbody depicted in some ancient Mayan relics. I hope that KejRaj will attach it as you can see all those graphite feathers I described! The feathers are my Seraphim or angelic DNA hence why all our Angels have giant wings or feathers. We can see them only interdimensionally. They are the wings of our lightbodies! We are fallen Angels no more!!

Please feel free to comment and just let me know if this is interesting to you. As we are all service to others it is a joy to talk about it!

Cheri of Hilarion
House of Ra
Order of the Seraphim

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  1. Georgia Theresa

    I absolutely enjoyed this entire story and it resonates so much and it can bring clarity of many of us on our Journey, so this way I invite you for share this story in my Podcast Flowing in the Deep that will be published on many platforms as a part of the Service to Others, we could share if more and more and farther so that many can be enlightened and inspired by your profound journey. Thank you dear Cheri for sharing and Looking forward to hear more from your experiences 🙂