The Council: Keep Our Vibrations High

ascended beings“It is very difficult to be of this world yet continue to keep our vibration high and raise our consciousness. What is the easiest and most realistic thing we can do in our day to day moments, navigating our lives, to help keep our mood and overall vibration high, yet still attend to our 3D needs and demands, without getting swallowed by them? Thank you!”

This is such a simple question. Yet, the answers have been uncountable over

11:11 Dove-Star Columba; Healing the Heart, One to One

all is love eraoflightI first met the powerful Dove-Star Columba at 11:11am on 11:11 1992, the first gateway of the 11:11 light. People all over the world gathered at the power places they held sacred, I was in Florida so I went to Bok Towers in Lake Wales, one of the highest points of pure energy in Florida. Right at 11:11 am out in an open field. The dove-star appeared in the sky as a cloud in the form of a cross with a dove upon its left arm trying