11:11 Dove-Star Columba; Healing the Heart, One to One

all is love eraoflightI first met the powerful Dove-Star Columba at 11:11am on 11:11 1992, the first gateway of the 11:11 light. People all over the world gathered at the power places they held sacred, I was in Florida so I went to Bok Towers in Lake Wales, one of the highest points of pure energy in Florida. Right at 11:11 am out in an open field. The dove-star appeared in the sky as a cloud in the form of a cross with a dove upon its left arm trying to move to the other side of the cross. The sky was perfectly clear except for this powerful site.

Back then there was not the instant worldwide connection there is now, with a thumbs up and pix attached, so all could move in awareness instantly. We had to connect heart to heart light to light, via our hearts and words of light. We connected energetically, psychically, streamlining our energy, gathering as one heart, one light. We all felt the shift and prayed a little harder, loved a little deeper, and held our breath. Little by little the dove star made it thru the 11:11 star gate, and the Christed consciousness was birthed again on earth, allowing a doorway of shift and change to activate once again, keeping our earthly heads above the emotional waters a little bit longer. Every person that honored the 11:11 was changed forever in heart and deed, and that pattern of love still lives in their hearts & illuminates their lives.

The dove star Columba is a powerful presence of illuminated Living Light. This is a Christed constellation that hosts a fleet of Master light beings and Avatars in all of their glory. This constellation is a floating island of light, shifting in accordance with stellar awareness. The dove star constellation Columba is portrayed as a ‘white dove in flight with a branch in its beak’. Its flight symbolizes freedom and the branch symbolizes future Peace. This constellation is a messenger of love, divine love, unconditional love, and God love. The dove star Columba flies to her place of original light seeking her divine blueprint in order to reset and reconnect with Source. On the wings of a snow white dove; what is Holy encircles the Earth like a ‘Homing’ pigeon of cosmic proportion. The Dove*Star is aligned with the Christ Chamber in the Great Pyramid, a place of many Initiations of Light.

Doves are considered a symbol of motherhood because they are able to produce their own milk. The dove has always been associated with heavenly mother figures such as The Mother Mary, the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite/ Venus is depicted holding a dove in her hand or surrounded by a flock of white doves. Aphrodite’s seven daughters were called a “flock of doves”. Kamadeva, the Hindu god of love is known to ride a dove. Dove chooses one mate for life which contributes to her associations with divine and romantic love. The soft soothing coos of the dove create the vibration of healing within the body and heart. The dove is a symbol of the soul’s release from its earth-bound duty. As messengers of the earth and sky, doves serve as a liaison between spirit and matter. Doves represent balance and carry the energy of promise. if a dove flies into your life, you are being asked to go within and release your emotional conflict and clear the path for your body mind spirit and future. The dove helps us to release the trauma stored deep within our cellular memory.

A new Light Spectacle comes forth on this 11:11 Doorway, lifting us to a place within the human heart that goes beyond the four chambers of reason into a Fibonacci spiral of divinely inspired love that seeks to know itself. The human heart runs passionately and deeply. The human heart aches without ever knowing exactly why the sadness is so grand and feels so real. The human heart yearns for a true divine reflection of itself, for it does not see that mirrored in the eyes of earth any longer.

Like a ‘soul searching white hole’ determination is a factor as this ‘soul-searching white hole’ exacts and extracts whatever is needed to complete its mission. What is needed to complete the journey is requisitioned along the way, concealed at portals of self and soul. Follow what you are moved to experience in the now for it may be in truth…serving the future. Groundwork is needed as the human being prepares to board itself amongst more light. What seems inappropriate in act and deed now, may be the savior of the future. Perform as needed in the now unleashing a future probability that is yet to be experienced but already known.

As the pace of your imaginings increase in width and breadth, you come to a interval of time where all of your past dreams overlap your future possibilities. It is in these sacred spaces where they both meld into a design that holds a vast collection of promises. It is at this point of multiplicity that one can breathe more life into their dreams quickening them, or just allow them to generate naturally. To manifest anything of vast potential one has to walk through the shadows of self and fear and other imparted limitations. One has to come face to face with the beast within that eats lost dreams.

You are continually fueling what is ‘to be or not to be’ via every thought whim, answer and question! In any type of creation you are not allowed to doubt yourself one speck. For even one stray thought of negativity will stain the entire batch of creation. Each place that you work, live, drive, etc. is influenced by your energies and thoughts. Remember God’s entire world is a Holy place, from the dumps to the beautiful mountaintops and seashores.

Everything that happens to you comes as a gift no matter how it is swaddled. It is your belief in this statement that will transmit the energy of 11:11 into something more beautiful. These 11:11 doorways are continually expanding and contracting in accordance with humanities temperature. Like one who stands in front of an automatic door walking back and forth before making up their mind. Should they enter or should they stay put? As time quickens her pace you no longer have the extravagance of playing with those automatic doors of expansion and contraction. It’s the call of ‘all aboard’ you will hear reining in your ears!

On 11:11 2018 God will take a deep stellar Breathe,

Releasing a Great Light that seeks to know Earth

on the wings of the Dove*Star Columba.



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