The Council: Keep Our Vibrations High

ascended beings“It is very difficult to be of this world yet continue to keep our vibration high and raise our consciousness. What is the easiest and most realistic thing we can do in our day to day moments, navigating our lives, to help keep our mood and overall vibration high, yet still attend to our 3D needs and demands, without getting swallowed by them? Thank you!”

This is such a simple question. Yet, the answers have been uncountable over the centuries. It is the point of every teaching and the goal of every seeker. How do I improve? How do I raise my vibration? What do I do next? Why do I keep slipping back? How can I stay in the higher state? Am I doing it right?

If the ones asked wish to give answers that match the understanding of the seekers, there will most certainly be a great many answers. But if the root of the question, and the cause of the problem are seen, the answer is much simpler. One problem has one solution, although in practice it may look very different.

Is the problem that one cannot remain in a higher vibration? We will say that this merely describes a symptom of the problem.

The problem, in truth, is that you, the collective you, perceive yourselves as being separate from whatever you understand your Source to be. And you have put yourselves into an environment (Earth) in which major change requires, or seems to require, major effort. And your deepest selves know that separation is not your highest state. You yearn for the return to the highest state. And you wish desperately for a road map. What can I do? There must be something! But make it quick and make it easy. I’m quite busy, you know.

ALL of this is a series of misunderstandings.

There is nothing you can do. Yes, we said that there is nothing you can do. Because there is nothing that needs to be done. There is, however, something that needs to be re-known.

Now, we can easily tell you what that is. In fact, we have done so many times. But it is something that you need to accept and at least begin to try to experience. Once you begin to experience it, and stop grading yourselves against a measuring stick that exists only in your imagination, you will find it not so very difficult to do. Of course, then you will immediately think that it cannot be ‘right’, because it should not be easy. Right?

So, allow us to give you a starting place, one you can use a hundred times a day until it becomes your normal mindset. Take a deep breath with your eyes closed. Open your eyes and see everything around you, everything, everybody, as made of the stuff of Creator. Nothing can exist otherwise. Even you. All of that is divine, just as I am. Because I am a part of it. You will find that you can do this even while you are eating lunch or riding on the bus.

If you do this sincerely, you will feel your vibration rise. If you continue to do it. You will find that it will always raise your vibration. If you do it until it becomes your normal way of seeing, you will know that even if something draws you down, the step back up can be instantaneous. You will also find, perhaps after a bit of time, that the world you experience will begin to change.

We also tell you that if you understand that we are always as close as your thoughts, we will lift you as we can, if you give your permission.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Begin.


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