The Pleiadian Collective: Words of Healing

The PleiadesGreetings friends, we are the Pleiadian Collective. We do not have much of a change in the news for you tonight friends, but wish to bestow through these words a healing, for we sense that you are all in great need of it at this time of energetic change. Much stress has been placed and is in the process of being transmuted within your physical forms and although it will be alright it perhaps now is a bit uncomfortable. And so we invite you to please sit down in a quiet space and do some deep slow breaths, grounding to both your planetary mother and spiritual mother. Become the bridge between them. Will that your chakras align with ease and grace and imagine a rainbow blend of dancing sparkling colors that ripple like plasma coursing through you extending from Mother God through your crown chakra through your body into Gaia’s planetary core, and in so doing you are balancing your chakras and hers. And of course when you do this friends, you are assisting to energetically balance all of humanity’s chakras as well. For you are a hive mentality in a way, you are truly all connected. One kind thought has a massive ripple effect, as does one loving intention. And so, when you send forward your own healing for the betterment of the others you bless all of the others. It is true. Now imagine if you all did this at the same time every day. Can you imagine how powerful your mass meditation would be – is – for you have heard this before, but it is true and warrants repeating; you are powerful creators and we are astonished and delighted with your progress.

Many of you are weary and feel it is to the point of no return. Come on up to our ships at night if that is your need and desire. Set your intention and we will welcome you if your intentions are pure. For we love to extend our healing modalities and are eager to work more closely with you. For all is well with the grand plan of the Mother to whom we yield. The Goddess has spoken and she is here amongst you now in many forms, in may ways. But suffice it to say she is here on your planet and her presence will continue to rise and to grow as you rise and grow in your own power. The days of the dark are done. It is now only a matter of time, and of course we listen for our commands and leadings from Mother and Father God whom we most joyously serve. We are all one huge family of light and of love, and we extend this to you as well, humanity. You have always been within this gigantic field of love but chose to experience forgetting. And the game got very dark, very fast, as the intruders came and mucked it up, and took advantage of your free well, such that it was heinously infringed upon, to the point of disgust. And so that is why you brave ones who are awake and aware, are reading these words, because you know that you are one of us. You are a star seed here for the higher purpose of healing this precious planet and restoring her to her former glory. And in so doing, your current physical body will be preserved and restored as well, for you are of the same stuff as Gaia and this is your healing. When you heal her, you in turn heal yourselves, and the others around you.

Massive healing is going right now friends, and that is why our message is a bit different tonight. Many of you are barely crawling upstairs as you are transmuting for the others who are snarky and asleep. (Sigh). It will not always be this way. But remember you are the brave ones – you chose to serve in this capacity. And you are doing a most magnificent job. We are the Pleiadian Collective offering our love and greeting this night to you friends, as well as our healing vibrational technology. So before you sleep, set your intention and we will see you in the ships. We are your family after all. Welcome home. We are the Pleiadian Collective.



» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl