The 9D Arcturian Council: Light & Ascension

Arcturian Council Era of Light Dot Com“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have listened to the summoning that you have been doing, and we have noticed that you are making requests for a lighter experience there on planet Earth. You want less density and more light, and the transmissions that we are sending contain more

Celestial White Beings: Empowering Your Thoughts with Peace and Bliss

celestial white beingsBlissful and peaceful blessings, we, the Celestial White Beings share with you now. We wish for you to recognise the bliss and peace within your being, as this is your power and your access to your truth. We embrace you in blissful and peaceful energy from our celestial levels, supporting you

Reduce and Avoid Dangerous High Blood Pressure Naturally

mother nature is the cure eraoflightAccording to the American Heart Association, one out of every three adults suffers with elevated blood pressure. That means that at least one third of our population is at risk of heart trouble. Fortunately high blood pressure can be corrected with common sense, simple dietary and lifestyle changes and natural remedies

The Team: Divine Seeds of Hope

thecollectiveWe are here honored to have this opportunity to share these words and acknowledge you for your magnificent courage. This is not always an easy dimension to be embodied within. It is however a dimension of all possibilities. You, along with all other physical/divine beings who have chosen to be embodied, are here playing in this reality

Are Digital Devices Altering Our Brains?

sharewhatyouknow eraoflightSome say our gadgets and computers can help improve intelligence. Others say they make us stupid and violent. Which is it?

Do video games make people more aggressive, or are they beneficial—improving certain abilities, such as reaction time? Probably a bit of both, according to recent research, although any benefits

Mary Magdalene: Message Number 3: Third Eye

mary eraoflightHello my beloved ones,

today you get more specific information from me concerning the Third Eye. You are not sure if it is already open? Here’s a simple method: relax and straighten yourself, rub your palms together in front of your breastbone. Then you put them over your eyes (like playing hide and seek). Form a cave over the eyes, touching neither