Mary Magdalene: Message Number 3: Third Eye

mary eraoflightHello my beloved ones,

today you get more specific information from me concerning the Third Eye. You are not sure if it is already open? Here’s a simple method: relax and straighten yourself, rub your palms together in front of your breastbone. Then you put them over your eyes (like playing hide and seek). Form a cave over the eyes, touching neither eye nor eyelashes. If you see whiteblue little lightnings it is open.
If not:

Apple cider vinegar, chocolate chips (The original ones, ask in bioshop), healing frequencies to open the Third Eye on YouTube (here you can choose what you like best). Or search for other healing sounds. There are now enough people who are dealing with the topic. With the Third Eye, you can become clairvoyant, communicate telepathically, heal, and much more.

Please keep in mind, that you are in service to others. If you give with Love, you raise your vibration and this planets one. The feeling of pure unconditional Love helps this planet to ascend.

Up to you to live it! Enjoy it and have fun!

I look forward to your feedback.

I am always at your disposition and service,

Mary Magdalene.



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