Criticism on the Article “The Light Triumphs”

154059659211780217Reader J. N. writes: In one of your recent articles titled The Light Triumphs seemed like you were expressing hate towards the Cabal??? I picked up negative energy in your words. Shouldnt we be more forgiving in these times and letting things go???

Kejraj Response: Greetings to You J. N. – I received criticism about the article from

The Federation of Light: Everything is Changing

gfoleraoflightHiya, once again. Perhaps we could continue on from last week’s chat regarding the Energy tripling of late and how that is affecting our physicality? Would that suit?

It would be most agreeable to do so. It is obvious to those who chose to become aware of the fact that not only are Energies changing much of the way you choose to think and behave

The Arcturian Group: Aware of the Bigger Picture

arcturiansDear readers, once again we offer love through these messages of hope and information. You are the way showers and as such, some of you are experiencing criticism from those around you who want you to be more three dimensionally involved and who interpret your “silence” as doing nothing.

Because you are aware of the bigger picture, you are bringing in and holding Light for

Pleiadian and Arcturian Collective: Morphing

spiral starGreetings friends, we are the Pleiadian collective joined tonight by the Arcturian Collective. For we are here today showing our unification and strong force of light, as a united front against the dark, pledging our support and love for humanity and for Gaia in her most blessed moment of ascension.

Life is but a string of moments, of memories

The Many Benefits of Acupressure for Dogs and Other Pets

pets loveWhen most people think about acupressure they tend to think only about the benefits it can have for people. However, acupressure can also provide great benefits for dogs and other pets too. Dogs, for example, love to be touched, petted and massaged, and respond very well to this type of therapy. Used alone or in conjunction with alternative remedies, acupressure may result in significant improvement in your pet’s health

The Creators: Everything in Your Life Serves a Purpose

elohim beingsEverything in Your Life Serves a Purpose ∞The Creators

“There will be a purpose to everything that you have experienced up until now. You will find that there are no wasted moments, that nothing that happens is a throwaway event. It is all very precisely constructed for you, to give you just the journey you need to be the person that you want to be, living the lives that you want to live